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Argentina Destinations

There are some wonderful, inexpensive options that you can explore while visiting Argentina. Depending on the length of your trip I'd recommend spending time in Buenos Aires -the capital of Argentina- and also in Iguazu Falls, about 700 miles north of Buenos Aires. Visiting Iguazu is economical. A three night package that includes air fare, lodging in a 5 stars hotel, all transfers and breakfasts, plus 3 excursions is about $480 USD per person (pricing may vary at the time of booking due to availability and may differ from May 2005 prices).

In Buenos Aires, there are many things to do, including outdoor activities such as visiting ranches and learning about Gauchos' life. Not to mention getting acquainted with tango and other forms of traditional argentine music like malambo. Perhaps 4 nights in Buenos Aires and 3 nights in Iguazu may do for a nice one week vacation, but this is just but one alternative.

For more accurate pricing on specific destinations in Argentina, we usually require:

- Approximate date of traveling.
- Length of trip.
- Main destinations you would like to visit.
- Number of people traveling.

There are 7 main regions that visitors like to see. In order of how much they cost they are as follows, from cheaper to most expensive:

1) Buenos Aires (capital). Lots of attractions: tango, ranches and gauchos. Buenos Aires lifestyle: shopping, hanging out and best steaks in the World.
2) Iguazu Falls in Misiones province (The Iguazu Falls, jungle trips, Wanda mines, San Ignacio Jesuits ruins, etc). Many times, this visit will include crossing the border into Brazil for which american citizens are required a visa. Iguazu Falls, sometimes called Iguassu, are known because of their enourmous water beds and heights.
3) Mendoza (west of Argentina, Andes ridge): wine tours, mountains, horse riding, white water rafting, many parks and museums. Probably, the 'greenest' province in Argentina for its many parks and flowers. During winters, Mendoza is also a well known destination for its ski center Las Leñas.
4) Northwest: Salta, Jujuy and Tucuman provinces. Ravines and high altitude trips. In touch with Incas past history. Salta is of special note. It's building city codes only allow facades to resemble the colonial period so a visitor will find an enchanted place with an old flair to it, a spanish one. In Salta it is also possible to do some great trout fly fishing
5) Peninsula Valdes (in Patagonia, Chubut province). Animals in the wild: sea lions, penguins, orcas, large amount of birds species. When in season, there are guided whale watching trips. If you are into fly fishing, west of Chubut -in a town called Trevelin, the Rio Pico region- there are some of the most sought after river streams in the World for trout fishing.
6) Bariloche (southwest of Argentina in Rio Negro province, like a ski community). Spectacular scenery and unforgettable southern lakes. Bariloche is the largest southern city in Argentina with over half a million people and is house of Cerro Catedral, where great skiing is possible.
7) Glaciers (includes Calafate in Santa Cruz province and Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego province). Most travelers take a combo Calafate/Ushuaia for about 5 nights. This is a gorgeous trip.

One caveat, Argentina is large. It is the 8th largest country in the world and 4th in South America. Distances are long and logistics for traveling are not sometimes easy. So choosing too many destinations in a short span will not work. Flight connections will make you waste a lot of time in airports. One last thing. At the time of this writing -February 2005-, Argentina is still very cheap and has a very favorable rate of exchange. In particular for Europeans. So you will probably be happy visiting us, making the most of your precious travel monies. Meals and cabs are very cheap. A very nice filet mignon (almost a pound) with french fries may be around 6 bucks. Depending on the restaurant, add one more dollar. Yes, you read correctly. I was there last December.

I hope this brief commentary on why you should consider traveling to Argentina sparks your desire for the 'unknown' or for traveling to a place you have never considered before. Contact Erna when you have a chance. She will help you decide how to best enjoy your stay while in Argentina.

Best wishes and traveling in 2005.
Travelsur staff.

P.S. We are usually asked about weather in Argentina. Visit the linked page where you may find many of the answers...

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