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Marcelo has been fly fishing southern argentine waters for more than 15 years. So much so, that he has turned his passion into a life career. Being an expert in fly-cast and having over 10 years of experience fishing the Corcovado region, Marcelo is without a doubt THE guide for any fly fishing trip. He spends his present days traveling the water streams of Chubut with visitors, many of whom come from distant lands attracted by the promise of a great fly fishing trip in an exotic, remote part of the World. A professional fishing guide sine 1996, Marcelo speaks and understands English and French.


Fly Fishing with personal guides

Options 1, 2, 3
can be done together as a package, with "beach head" in ESQUEL/ Trevelin.
Options 4, 5, 6
can be done together, with "beach head" in Corcovado.
Standard trips take from 7 to 10 days.
Singles and groups up to 12 people
Starting at $400 per person per night ALL INCLUDED.**
$350 for 2/3 people and
$300 for groups of 4 or more people.


Costs - Fishing Guides - Lodging
A typical fishing trip with Marcelo, may consist of visiting different river streams in the Chubut area. Analyze these different options:

1. Esquel-Trevelin area: (fishing at Río Grande o Futaleufú).

The season open on November 1st every year. This excursion takes approximately two days, starting at the mouth of Futalefú Dam until "Los Cipreses" stop. The second part of the trip takes the visitor from Cipreses to "La Balsa" bordering with Chile. There are two ways of getting to these spots, either by motorized boat or simple canoe.

The stream is fairly quiet with many winding turns and meanders offering many opportunites for fishing along the way. There are rainbow trouts weighing anywhere from 1 pounds to 4 pounds, brown trouts from 1 lb to 8 lbs, percas from 2 to 6 lbs and Chinook salmons from 8 to 20 lbs. This option is fairly economical and does not involve any extensive knowledge from the visitor. Fishing methods may vary from shore fishing to "wader fishing".

2. Lago Rosario: Season all year round.

Rosario Lake and Arroyo Nant y Fall are very close to Trevelin (12 miles). Although Rosario Lake is fairly small it houses one of the largest natural farms for rainbow trouts in the region. It is possibe then, to fish straight from board. Rainbows may weigh anywhere from 2 to 12 lbs.

Water stream Nant y Fall, which begins right off Rosario Lake opens on November 1st every year. It yield into Rio Grande. At Nant y Fall ideal fishing is accomplished by the use of "ninfas and scuds" and dry fishing. There is many vegetation on the surface of the stream and the waters are slow. The stream has abundant "pejerreyes" and many rainbow trouts as well. Journeys into this stream can get very productive. The landscape is gorgeous, surrounding the river by a forest of "Nires". This option takes a whole day.

3. Arroyo Pescado at Tecka.

It opens on January 1st every year. This private enclosure is only 50 miles away from Esquel. The stream is just 2 miles long and the quality/ quantity of fishing is excellent.
Because of the nature of the river, reservations are required and usually it is necessary to book spots many months prior to the trip. A visit to arroyo "Pescado" may cost approximatelt $80 a day per person and the visit takes all day.

4. In Corcovado: Mouth of Corcovado.

It opens on November 1st every year. This is the spot where fishermen gather right at the start of the season and when it is over, to catch the big rainbow trouts when they are in the process of laying eggs and after which they swim twoards Lake Vinter. The level of fishing is very high and most visitors to the Corcovado will need to handle more than the basics.

There are many changes of lines, lots of fine-tuning and experience is a must. But the rewards of catching a 12 /20 lbs trout when trying to reach deeper waters are enourmous. Although this option takes an entire day, fishermen will only practice early in the morning or by dawn.

5. Engaño Lake and Lake Vinter.

Season starts on November 1st every year. Very close to Corcovado (10 miles). A very scenic place to fish "lengas" and fishing can be done on board or from shore. A few years back, someone established the world record here for eating over 10 lbs of Fontinalis (breaded and fried).

This visit takes 2 days and includes a visit to the smaller lake "Faked Enganio", very shallow and "fishable". Vinter Lake is impressive, possibly the best place in patagonia for FLY FISHING. Size of trouts is better than average and fishing can be done from shore, on board or with float tubes.

6. Finally, Fishing in Corcovado river.

Season opens on October 1st every year. It is possible to fish from "Poncho Moro" stop, 15 miles away from Corcovado, up to the border with Chile.

This 35 miles long stream has some complex landscape and provides only a few good spots. Of special interest are the wild trouts whose original eggs are almost a century old. In other words, these trouts are shrewd and difficult to catch. Anyone who catches trouts here should consider him/herself and expert!

Corcovado is one of the most difficult fishing rivers in the region, not because there are many fishermen but because the quality of the trouts (both browns and rainbows). Corcovado also houses the largest population of king salmons, stable for the last 15 years. This trip takes 3 days and it is worth every penny.



Additional information:
Season ends around end of May every year. This represents a solid 7 months of fishing season. It is recommended to bring the following equipment:
* Fly-cast # 6 with Sink-tip line and Floating line.
* Fly-cast # 8 with Sinking line Teeny Nymph co. modelo T-300 or simil, and another Floating line.


Plan with 3 months in ADVANCE. These trips go quickly! Also, 50% of total cost of trip MUST be deposited at the time of booking.

Both Cocovado and Esquel have the necessary infraestructure for a comfortable, peaceful trip, all the while they remain "undeveloped" enough to make any fishing trip an adventure. Visitors will find grocery stores, gas stations, roads in good conditions, Banks, Hospitals and post offices, plus an airport and a communications network. At the same time, they will find a great, peaceful heaven surrounded by uncharted beauty. Consider us for your next fly fishing vacation.

Chubut / Rio Pico


If you are into fishing or if you would like to be, you are in the right place. Take a risk and make the trip of your lifetime. An experience you will surely never regret. Let us know where you would like to spend your fishing trip and for how long and we'll prepare you a very convenient estimate. Contact us anytime!