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Directory Guidelines

First, thank you for considering our Directory for your site. Our guidelines are simple and are based on the premise that our online visitors may enjoy an additional resource where they can discover more of the World of Travel. Thus, we aim at publishing a wide variety of travel and travel related sites in a variety of travel related niches.

We prefer:

  • sites that include a physical address, contact information and phone numbers.
  • We specially like brick-and-mortar travel related businesses.
  • lengthy descriptions.
  • succint titles.
  • sites that are in english. We can make exceptions if we can understand what the site is about.
  • sites that have been in existence for a period of time or if new, sites that are information rich (read the exception below for sites that crosslink).

We do not mind:

  • sites hosted on free servers as long as they offer something of value.
  • smaller micro sites provided they too offer value to the user.

Please refrain from submitting:

  • the same site to multiple categories.
  • sites that are incomplete.
  • sites hosted on deficient servers. If a site is down at review time we may not be able to come back.
  • many sites simultaneously.
  • sites that belong to a network of sites that crosslink. These will NOT be listed. Specially if they have ads all over the place no matter how useful and professional the content may be.

A few tips about your submission:

  • avoid the following characters in the title or description of your site: \ / : * ? < > | @ & " ñ (the spanish letter).
  • use titles and descriptions that represent your site. In some cases, we may edit them.
  • use initial capital letters for each word in the title.
  • do not submit adult and pharmacy/drugs related sites. Other Directories perform this cataloguing. Try this or here.
  • the script may not take duplicate titles. If your site's title is already in use the submission may fail. Review the subcategory you are applying to in order to avoid this problem.

We will appreciate:

  • that you create your own 125 x 75 thumbnail and upload it using the script.
  • that you take a few minutes to study all categories and apply to the right ones. *Many* overlap. This increases the chances of similar sites being published.

As most of you know, we try to accomodate everyone's needs. Whenever someone has asked for a change in title, description or url we have readily responded. If you can't find your site or think there is a problem with it just write to us through our contact form and we will try to solve the matter as soon as possible. Please bear in mind we do updates TWICE A MONTH ONLY, usually on weekends. We will do our best to publish the date for the latest update. Search your site by TITLE.

Finally, some submissions may not go through for many different reasons:

  • wrong URLs and broken links.
  • descriptions that are nothing but a long list of keywords.
  • applying to the wrong category (these submissions are deleted).
  • linking to us from a domain other than the one submitted for inclusion. No 3-way linking!
  • we will screen sites and avoid those that appear to want to game the system.
  • sites that are copycats, have no recognizable contact information and sell advertising in all pages, prominently. These are suspect sites.


The above guidelines will help you fine tune your editorial decisions. Linking to us is NOT a guarantee for inclusion. We will still review your site. THE FASTEST WAY TO KNOW IF YOUR SITE HAS BEEN INCLUDED IS BY LOOKING IT UP IN THE WHAT'S NEW SECTION. IF YOUR SITE HASN'T BEEN ADDED IN THE LATEST BATCH AND YOU HAVE LINKED TO US, PLEASE PROCEED TO DELINK.

IF YOU CAN'T FIND A CATEGORY FOR YOUR SITE drop us a line at our contact form above and we will create one for you if we deem this necessary. Non-travel sites can apply to 'widerange' categories. Our Directory is free for inclusion. To help cover some of the maintenance cost we have created sponsoring opportunities at the category level pages and will also place limited adsense ads along the listings. Thank you for reading our guidelines