Argentina Trout
Argentina Trout fishing

If you have been fishing in another country prior to your arrival to Argentina, please be aware
that argentine lakes, ponds and waterways are free from whirling disease. Use only new fishing
gear (lines, flies and waders) or wash them thouroughly under high water pressure before re-using them.

  Argentina Trout fishingArgentina Trout fishingArgentina Trout fishing

Argentina Trout fishing
Argentina Trout fishing
Argentina Trout fishingArgentina Trout fishing

Neuquen - Villa la Angostura

Salta is home to some of the most astonishing rivers and wateways in the country, where fishing can be a formidable experience. It is mainly practised in El Rey National Park, Bermejo river shores and Cabra Corral Dam. In order to preserve species, fishing has been subject to specific regulations. Season starts on April 1st and ends on Oct 31st. Fishes that carry sports value are 'dorado' (sometimes called golden bass), 'bagre' (catfish) and 'boga'. Among some of the regulations are the type of fishing gears allowed to be used, as well as the minimum size for certain species: 60 cm (24 inches) for dorados, 30cm (12 inches) for bogas and 20cm (8 inches) for bagres (catfishes). Nightly fishing is strictly forbidden. Fishing in certain rivers has been restricted for preservation purposes, like in Arroyo Seco Hondo. And the release of any foreign specie to rivers into waters is heavilly pennalized.

Cabra Corral is located at 60 km from the City of Salta. Its dam offers in its 11,360 hectares and 135 mts depth an outstanding recreation area, suited for great fishing. 'Pejerreyes, dientudos, sabalos, truchas (trouts), tarariras and bagres (catfishes) can all be found. Campo Alegre Dam is only 35 km from the City of Salta. Considerably smaller, only 1500 has and 25 mts depth, than Cabra Corral, and having been recycled 7 years ago, species are quite smaller. For the same reason fishing has been restricted to shores. Boat fishing strictly forbidden. Las Lomitas Dam, the smallest of them all (9 has and 8 mts depth) can offer a rewarding fishing expreience in spite of its size. No boat fishing is allowed either.

Villa La Angostura is located in the northern part of Nahuel Huapi Lake. The fact that the area is scarcely populated has made of the lakes a region wonder-fully fitted for the development of salmo-nidae.

Its pristine and unpoluted waters, in particular the worldwide known mouth of El Correntoso river are home of the most spectacular samples of trouts anywhere to be found. Routinely, sam-ples of about 9 kgs (20 pounds) are to be obtained. Season stars Mid November to end mid April. A permit is required. Spinning, the practice of casting from shore using light weights is not as common as flycasting. However, the latter, demands a minimum of proficiency and it is more technically oriented.

Local Guides offer classes to the beginner and Guides are bilingual and friendly. Trolling, faces several limitations. Since it is done from over a boat, it is not always possible in all areas. Furthermore, to preserve some areas from harmful effects of boats, sometimes its practise is restricted. Professional fish Guides are to be found easily in the area.

Not only fishing gear but also boats can be rented at site. A short course of 3 days, intensive, is usually what a beginner needs to start the practise of flycasting, although learning to 'read' the waters requires much more practise.

It is guaranteed that those who start the practice never abandon it. The temptation of luring fishes together with the surrounding spectacular scenery are experiences out of this world.

Dry flies, are used in less shallow waters. They allow for the closer contact between the fisherman and the sample, which comes to the surface to pick up the bait. Without any doubt, such eye contact describes the greatest experience for both the novice and seasoned fishermen.


It' been called the dream of fishermen. Nequen offers trout fishers a priviledged place. Neuquen holds some of the best place for fishing trout in the world, in particular the area called 3 mouths. Three sites are highlighted for flycasting, which render historically and present very big samples. The mouth of the 'Chimehuin river' in Junin de los Andes is known worldwide as the best site for fly fishing patagonia. The Correntoso river, the shortest in the world, joining Correntoso Lake in Villa La Angostura is also famous for the quality and size of trouts obtained. And the Limay river, further south, causes astonsihment to seasoned-fishermen due to the samples that can be obtained here. Dams built early in the sixties brought enourmous benefits to the ichthyc fauna. For those who love 'trolling' the Ezequiel Ramos Mexia Dam is highly visited and stands out as a place where many world record fishes have been obtained from. The Nequen river starts almost shyly. Many streams feed it along its way making it plentiful little by little, offering ideal conditions for spinning and flycasting. In its last section, the river offers very favorable conditions for fishing very large rain-bow trouts and patagonic pejerrey. Visit ot argentina fishing trips page...

Good sports-fishing practices that allow for the preservation of species. Catch and return of samples.

  • Do not exhaust fishes.
  • Avoid overtouching and manipulating the sample
  • When holding the fish, it is better to gently lay it on water
  • Stay away from its branquial area.
  • Whenever possible avoid three way lures.
  • Do not harm fish's mouth when extracting lures.
  • If fish becomes exhausted try placing it againts stream
    so the water flows through the branquial area.
  • Do not throw fish in the water, instead, gently lay it on water and let it escape through its own means

If you are into this sport you may want to check into fly fishing argentina. Make the trip of your lifetime. An experience you will surely never regret. Let us know where you would like to spend your fishing trip and for how long and we'll prepare you a very convenient estimate. Contact us anytime !

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