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Salta - a colonial past

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Ravines and the valle de LermaNorthwest of Argentina The state of Salta belongs to the northern region of Argentina and covers 154,000 sq.km. It offers an extended range of activities to visitors. Fishing tours by a local guide, wine tasting trips to Cafayate and visits to pre-incaic civilizations are among some of the attractions. It has a pleasant temperature all year round. Its traditional hospitality and rich cultural inheritance finds expression in its folk music and moving religious celebrations. Founded in 1582 under the name of Ciudad de Lerma, this city is rich in history as it once was the center of action during the time of hispanic viceroyalty. The goal of the foundation was to create a settlement that will secure the route from Tucuman to the west of the kingdom towards Peru.

Salta's downtown - adventure escapades

Plaza 9 de Julio in downtown SaltaThe City of Salta (1100 mts above sea level) offers a unique testimony of the process of colonization that took place in Argentina during the 18th and 19th century. Buildings from that time combine with architecture from the 30's harmoniously. A walk through downtown to the many muesums and Cathedrals is highly recommended with stops in cafes along the way. Adventure oriented visitors will enjoy fishing trips organized to "Dique Cabra Corral" and to Rio Bermejo, where trouts, dorados and surubies can be found.

Fishing in the mountainsCampings, tents and trips on 4x4 's can be arranged with a local guide. There are several restrictions that need to be followed. A Permit is required in order to fish in the different lakes. Also the size of the catches and the fishes itself has been subject to regulation (60 cm dorados and 20 cm for bagres, minimum). Fishing season starts April 1st through Oct 31 st each year.

The city is rich in culture and there are a number of places and museums visitors should consider exploring, among which there is: "Museo Casa de Uriburu", "Iglesia y Convento San Fransisco", "Iglesia y Convento San Bernardo", "El Cabildo", "Museo Historico del Norte", "Centro CUltural de Las Americas", "Catedral de Salta", "Casa Leguizamon", "Monumento al Gral. Guemes", "Mercado Artesanal" and "Parque San Martin".

Riding through the Calchaquies valleys
Train in the clouds - Salta

A unique ride through the Train in the cloudsDeparts from Salta. Known to be one of the highest trains in the world. Runs through a titanic structure built by American eng.Richard Maury in the 30's. Covers 217 km in about 16 hrs departing every Saturday (April - Oct), twisting its way through the awesome Toro ravine to reach 4200 mts above sea level at Polvorilla Viaduct. The train has a restaurant and a medical staff in case of emergencies There are also bilingual guides, a video system and regional bands on board. Visiting Tastil, one of the first pre-incaic cities in South

Stunning viewsAmerica, is highly recommended. Tastil was discovered by Eric Boman in 1903. It is believed it had been populated by 2500 natives in 1300 DC reaching about 160 habs per hectare. One of the branches of the "Inca Trail" (from Peru) used to cross the middle section of the town. The archeological value and ruins are astonishing. Folowing the same path there is San Antonio de los Cobres in the middle of Toro ravine.

The Las Conchas ravine offers one of the most stunning trips through the valleys. Departing from Cafayate, visitors only need to drive through 50 miles of the incredible rock formations of vivid red colors, many of which carry names as "los castillos" (the castles), "el fraile" and "la garganta del diablo". Other short trips starting from Cafayate are to Cachi (about 110 miles), a small pre-colonial settlement that at some point had been populated by 145 indians.

Ravine Las Conchas - The Puna

Cafayate - Cachi

Ancient towns northwest of ArgentinaGauchos, malambo and empanadasSome of the best regarded wines in Argentina are produced in Cafayate, a small town south of Salta. Land, weather and grape varieties combine to obtain internationally acclaimed wines like Torrontes. From Cafayate crossing "Calchaquies valleys" visitors can get to "Cachi" (1500 habs) where small familiy owned wineries plus local artist offer their goods to the public. Iruya, is a must see. At 2800 mts above sea level the town is the center of many religious celebrations. Every Aug. 1st natives celebrate the 'Pachamamas Festival' to show devotion to Mother Earth. The first weekend of October 'La Virgen del Rosario' celebration takes place where natives play peculiar instruments like Quenas, Cajas and Sikus. Visitors to Salta can also drive through to the Puna reaching Chile. This is specially indicated to those who aren't afraid of difficult terrain and isolated nature. The drive takes the adventurous through important pre-hispanic archeological areas. It is about 80 miles to San Antonio de los Cobres and crosses through la Quebrada del Toro.

Map of Salta, Argentina

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