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Fly Fishing Patagonia

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RIO PICO, in Chubut, is a typical small town from Patagonia. Not more than 1000 people live here. Back in time, this was the land of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. It is about 1200 miles from Buenos Aires and most visitors get here through driving from Esquel, Trelew (Chubut's capital) or Comodoro Rivadavia. Either of the three are destinations for flights coming from Buenos Aires or other departing cities in Argentina.

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In Rio Pico it is easy for avid fishermen to just forget about the World. Fact is, that if one includes all the many lakes surrounding this area - Lake Vinter where Corcovado river is born, Lake Gaucho, Lake Enganio... Lake Berta Superior and Berta inferior - this paces becomes the Meca for fly fishing trout. There are all sort of salmonidae here. Brown trouts and rainbow trouts are abundant here and depending on the season, it is feasible to fish one variety a day regardless of the size of the fish.

Rio Pico to the west and Nilson, are small streams that house a large population of fishes. The slow movement of the waters and the deposits formed allowed for the formation of "hatches de stone fly, May fly y caddis". These are ideal streams for the use of "dry fly fishing" and "ninfas". Bigger specimen can be caught by the use of small boats. The best known lakes are "Three", "Four" and "Five".

With the proper Guide, both expert and inexperienced trout fishermen, will enjoy the time of their life in a paradisiac environment. Surrounding Rio Pico, most Guides would travel through Rio Grande, Arroyo Pescado, Willimanco Lake, etc.
Throughout the area it is possible to find cabins for $25/45 per night. However, the best plan of all is to get a complete package that includes lodging, licences, meals, equipment, all transfers in and out and transportation, bilingual Guides and any kind of assitance, small boats, etc).

Typically, such arrangements may range from $350 to $450 per day per person and the costs associated to the fishing trip get more economical the more people are in a group. For groups of 4 or more people prices may drop to $250/$350 per person, per night. Seven day packages may get even more economical. Check common equipment and dryflies. Books and videos on Fly Fishing in Rio Pico, Argentina. (Excerpt: "This remarkable region of Argentina's Patagonia is mixed with lakes and an extraordinary spring creek, the Rio Pico. It flows through Argentina, crosses the border into Chile, and eventually into a large clear lake. There are huge fish in some of the nearby lakes, a lovely set of cabins on one, which creates a centrally located base from which to explore. Add exquisite stream fishing in a wide variety of water and you have the Rio Pico.")

Books and videos of Patagonia Argentina.
In some cases, arrival point is Esquel. Some other times is Bariloche, approx 210 miles away. The best time for this kind of trip is at the beginning of the season, around November / December. It all depends on how much water the streams have and the weather. Corcovado is only 60 miles from Esquel, the initial point - mouth of Corcovado - is 100 miles away from Esquel. Rio Pico is 190 miles away from Esquel. Other streams are quite close, Rio Grande only 20 miles, Arroyo pescado 30 miles and Lake Wilmanco is on site. Check testimonials about your next fly fishing vacation.

Chubut / Rio Pico
Fly Fishing Chubut Rio Pico

If you are into fishing or if you would like to be, you are in the right place. Take a risk and make the trip of your lifetime. An experience you will surely never regret. Let us know where you would like to spend your fishing trip and for how long and we'll prepare you a very convenient estimate. Contact us anytime!

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