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Shipping a motorcycle from Buenos AiresRoberto6-08-14  10:11 pm
Power outage?Roberto12-27-13  10:51 pm
Wedding requirements for foreignersRobert Gisborn4-08-13  2:13 pm
How long of a wait after applying for citizenship?Roberto38 12-14-12  3:31 pm
Retirement HomesRoberto9-17-12  1:02 am
Stem Cell Treatment-Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina Marilin7-23-12  8:38 pm
I'm becoming Argentine Citizen/General QuestionsCarmen24 5-27-12  1:29 am
Argentine law vs. Spanish lawGayle 5-17-12  3:20 pm
Naturalising your FurnitureRoberto4-16-12  6:15 am
Telephone number for complaintsTourism and Web Desi4-04-12  9:46 pm
Permanent Residency as a Spouse - TroubleArial12-06-11  12:36 am
Sending laptop abroad from ArgentinaRoberto11-04-11  6:20 am
Real Estate Agent of Mendoza in Buenos AiresLeandro 10-31-11  4:27 pm
A few general questionsRobert Gisborn21 8-29-11  8:57 pm
Owning a gun in BATom 18 8-01-11  10:50 pm
Lessons learned living in ArgentinaRoberto6-23-11  9:57 pm
Getting personal items into Argentina, a proposalRobert Gisborn18 6-06-11  10:57 pm
Bringing a TV to Argentinapaul r5-10-11  3:40 pm
How do you bring in money to buy a house?Arial2-25-11  3:10 pm
Parent with dementiaGayle 2-21-11  9:34 pm
TV Show looking for Home Buyers in ArgentinaHouse Hunters Intern2-11-11  3:59 pm
Tourist Visa or Work Permit?Tom 15 1-11-11  1:55 am
Liver Cancer - Surgeons in ArgentinaRoberto1-10-11  9:26 pm
Military service for new citizens?Roberto1-08-11  11:09 pm
Plastic Surgery in CordobaRoberto1-08-11  11:07 pm
Inflation again?Roberto83 12-03-10  5:24 pm
Need apartment long term-movingtoargentina.ty11-28-10  7:00 pm
Running tracks?Robert Gisborn11-23-10  12:36 pm
Bringing electronics to ArgentinaRoberto13 11-12-10  4:37 pm
Preparing Thanksgiving Meal and a QuestionKeith Mangan11-10-10  3:56 am
Museum Night in Buenos Airesargentina exchange11-02-10  10:01 am
Cosmetic surgery Roberto310 10-24-10  6:58 pm
Plenitas - Cosmetic Surgery In ArgentinaRoberto139 10-20-10  7:11 pm
Crime in Buenos AiresArial10 10-06-10  9:34 pm
Setting up business in ArgentinaNelieta Mishchenko8-29-10  10:12 am
Living in BA on a Tourist Visa still ok?Nelieta Mishchenko8-29-10  10:10 am
Getting Your Stuff from A to BStephanie S. Walker8-24-10  8:08 pm
Cost of living in argentinaArial51 4-17-10  9:37 am
Moving to BAStephanie S. Walker4-07-10  8:10 pm
Passport QuestionRoberto10 4-02-10  12:51 am
Broadband Internet AccessArial3-20-10  5:30 pm
Places to LivePacopancho21 3-15-10  6:01 am
Argentinean CitizenshipWTMendoza.com1-29-10  7:46 am
Looking for Expats in Bariloche or BA for TV ShowHouse Hunters Intern1-27-10  1:48 pm
Buenos Aires Rally 2009 - Ex Paris DakarAMARAGGI1-02-10  8:54 pm
Dental Implants in ArgentinaNatali Pelcman18 11-19-09  1:28 pm
Chiropractor in BA?Roberto11-01-09  2:52 pm
Hot YogaChristopher Henson11-01-09  2:14 pm
Health Insurance/Prepaga-Obras socialesRoberto10-14-09  4:18 pm
Tafi del ValleKenneth Kilpatrick10-04-09  1:58 am
Legal abandonment law questionRoberto13 9-14-09  1:24 pm
Opening an office in Buenos Aires...Roberto9-13-09  5:51 pm
Drinking watersean cahoon9-04-09  7:13 pm
Foreigners living in Argentina Roberto132 9-04-09  8:34 am
Tarija, Bolivia/Cost of LivingKenneth Kilpatrick9-01-09  10:36 pm
Spinning / RPMRoberto8-13-09  11:21 am
Visiting ArgentinaRobert Gisborn13 7-19-09  11:45 am
Crime?Leandro 6-28-09  2:34 pm
Real Estate in Argentina for life - not just investmentRoberto6-20-09  2:04 am
Flight SchoolsRoberto6-15-09  6:03 pm
DNI - Is it hard to obtain? How long does it take?Justin Reimanes6-15-09  1:28 pm
Best, Cheapest Dentist?Justin Reimanes6-14-09  11:25 am
Bariloche Real Estate, Expat Services, EscribanaLiving in Patagonia6-10-09  8:10 pm
SLINGBOX in ArgentinaBill Howard5-26-09  8:10 am
Yoga, dance and pilates...Jessica Herrera5-08-09  4:02 pm
Banco Mundial reconoció la estabilidad argentinawebdesign456.blogspo4-18-09  3:27 pm
Employment in Buenos AiresJules Kelly3-28-09  12:40 pm
Medical tourism business venture in ArgentinaRoberto3-17-09  11:58 pm
Social GatheeringGayle 3-14-09  5:24 pm
Accomodation and moreRoberto10 2-24-09  8:34 pm
Should I expect to find a good job in Argentina?Roberto2-23-09  2:43 pm
Pipe dream?Jos2-23-09  1:00 pm
Getting a Residency Visa in ArgentinaLiving in Patagonia14 2-08-09  9:37 am
Where to buy tulip(tulipan) in Capital Federal?Roberto2-04-09  11:30 pm
IPhonesharoosunidhi2-02-09  2:54 am
Bariloche Long Term RentalsLiving in Patagonia1-21-09  3:25 pm
Opening a foreign bank accountGayle 1-21-09  2:45 pm
Expats in Salta to watch Obama's InaugurationArial1-19-09  3:13 pm
How to rent an apartment in SALTALiving in Patagonia1-08-09  9:13 pm
Mobile phone networkst1-04-09  11:30 am
Argentinean TV in the USGabriela 10 12-26-08  5:34 pm
Obtaining citizenship in ArgentinaArial93 12-21-08  9:15 am
Two english teachers thinking of moving to CordobaEvan Terbrueggen12-20-08  10:06 pm
Parking in Buenos AiresEdward George12-16-08  7:16 pm
Freelance writing work for English speaker in BA?Arial11-16-08  8:23 am
Moving problemsGigi Sehr10 10-21-08  8:32 am
Dollar vs PesoLiving in Patagonia10 10-17-08  9:42 pm
Shoe sizesRoberto10-02-08  2:25 pm
Automobile insurance ,any idea on cost? Living in Patagonia9-28-08  8:29 pm
Education in Argentina: public or private schools?Keith Mangan30 9-24-08  12:28 pm
Where IS everyone?Roberto9-10-08  6:16 pm
Violence?Ricardo8-21-08  12:38 pm
Guarantia when renting an apt. Marc Jacobs8-18-08  5:04 pm
Becoming a dual citizenRoberto7-24-08  2:34 pm
Pilates in Buenos AiresColleen Ferguson7-23-08  5:27 pm
Transformers and AdaptorsRoberto7-10-08  2:22 pm
Is other nationality can own property?Mary Ann daily11 7-08-08  8:42 pm
Contract work in Argentina - impossible?Roberto7-07-08  11:23 pm
Jobs in Buenos AiresLeandro 6-28-08  2:22 pm
Hypnosis Treatment in Buenos Aires?Dave Gahan6-23-08  12:07 pm
Prices in Buenos Aires - Feb. 2008Tom 22 6-14-08  7:12 pm
Need international shipper from the USAArial27 5-29-08  12:07 am
Regestering a new religionRoberto5-08-08  6:00 pm
Legal question regarding oathsluciano pereira5-07-08  11:18 am
Argentina-ImmigrationArial22 5-07-08  6:10 am
Automated Tellers / Getting Cash / Debit CardAdam Walker33 5-01-08  8:00 am
Moving to San Rafael......Lila4-30-08  3:13 pm
Subway ScamGloria Melgar Esteve4-20-08  2:40 pm
Questions for the expertsRoberto12 4-01-08  10:25 pm
Buying Hiking Boots in Buenos AiresRoberto Barrandeguy3-26-08  5:08 pm
Recycle or return 1 litre beer bottles?B Wooster3-25-08  11:26 am
The Dream and The RealtiyWTMendoza.com3-18-08  7:15 pm
Thinking of moving to CordobaJodi Robin3-16-08  9:15 am
Buying books - returnable? Taxes? Tax Refundable?B Wooster3-15-08  3:14 pm
Gardening and Solar in Mendoza ?Rosemary Fry11 3-13-08  8:58 am
Topics you all may have covered many times, but...Roberto3-11-08  10:45 pm
COTI certificate from AFIP - Real EstateRoberto3-11-08  10:32 pm
Monedero cash cardRoberto3-06-08  7:03 pm
Job Offer in BAJay Vegas3-06-08  2:06 pm
Monotributoshimaina3-05-08  3:40 pm
Toilet Etiquette, no tirar papeles en el inodoroRoberto3-02-08  9:06 pm
Receiving mail from the UK, and bank accountsAdam Walker2-29-08  12:09 pm
Hard to get coins?Adam Walker2-29-08  6:02 am
CDI helpWTMendoza.com14 2-28-08  4:34 pm
Options for doing laundry?Roberto2-27-08  6:53 am
US TV in ArgentinaSimon Fawkes2-18-08  5:47 am
English Common Law VS Civil LawGayle 10 2-12-08  4:25 pm
BUYING A CONTAINERCakebread11 2-11-08  3:27 pm
General QuestionsRoberto2-10-08  9:05 pm
CafayateRoberto2-06-08  7:58 am
Mendoza real estateRoberto10 2-06-08  7:29 am
Argentine Architectural MagazinesRicardo2-01-08  9:59 am
Babysitters in Buenos AiresRoberto1-31-08  8:58 pm
Food - Oatmeal, Chilli Garlic/Sambal Olek?Arial1-31-08  3:40 pm
How to get hold of cash while in BA...Bob Frassinetti1-28-08  11:11 am
Osteopathylarry Rogers1-23-08  5:11 pm
Research-purchasing propertymuireann prendergast1-23-08  2:07 pm
Buying a BoatTom1-12-08  4:01 pm
Question for those living in ArgentinaRoberto12 1-11-08  1:05 pm
Why is it so quiet!!Christopher Henson1-07-08  11:42 am
Rugby World Cup - where can I watch some games?Adam Walker1-06-08  11:31 am
Immigration Bill Howard1-06-08  8:28 am
Steps to get a DNI?Keith Mangan10 1-05-08  8:27 pm
How much should I save?Matt1-04-08  11:49 am
QuoteBill Howard1-01-08  7:07 pm
Research - purchasing propertyRentingBA1-01-08  11:41 am
Recommended TranslatorRoberto12-21-07  1:06 am
MercadoLibre / MercadoPago / EbayZander12-14-07  10:07 am
Text messages HELPChristopher Henson12-13-07  9:43 pm
Christmas ShoppingSimon Fawkes12-04-07  11:27 am
Requirements to enter a pet in ArgentinaWTMendoza.com12-02-07  8:35 pm
Advice desired for Rentista VisaRandy Feldhaus13 11-30-07  5:26 pm
How; where and when to buy?Roberto11-28-07  4:33 pm
False moneyChristopher Henson11-28-07  3:26 pm
Buying a car in ArgentinaDavid11-26-07  7:58 pm
Cooking with Herbs in Buenos Airesmovingtoargentina.ty11-20-07  4:25 pm
Pumpkin PieEmily McDonald10 11-20-07  2:36 pm
Teaching englishRuth Martens11-16-07  9:08 pm
Buying a Mattressmovingtoargentina.ty11-14-07  4:28 pm
TV Standardmovingtoargentina.ty11-05-07  2:17 pm
Bowflex home gym Roberto10-31-07  10:52 pm
Anywhere to watch the baseball World Series?Tom 10-25-07  6:39 pm
Translators for Visa ApplicationEmily McDonald10-22-07  8:31 am
Sending money from US to ArgentinaAltagracia Herrera31 10-20-07  4:33 pm
Studying in Argentina Roberto10-19-07  9:28 am
Social gathering - La TranqueraGayle 24 9-20-07  10:54 am
Exchanging Canadian money Roberto9-17-07  10:31 am
Arriving in October for one monthmovingtoargentina.ty9-12-07  10:38 pm
Where to live in ba???larry Rogers9-11-07  12:09 pm
NEW TAX on ALL props IN the PROV. of Buenos AiresPaul Ghidossi9-08-07  9:53 pm
SPANISH SCHOOL in Buenos Aires??William9-08-07  5:14 pm
Internet and Telephone in Argentinajuan martin32 9-08-07  8:16 am
Making friends in Buenos Airesjuan martin11 9-08-07  8:14 am
Host Familylara martin9-07-07  9:17 am
Digital CameraRoberto9-05-07  11:55 pm
Ballet classesRoberto9-05-07  4:08 pm
Food costsmovingtoargentina.ty8-29-07  5:14 pm
Help! Need Shoemaker and Tailor/SeamstressMark Ross8-28-07  7:46 pm
Argentina - a hard habit to breakRoberto8-28-07  12:42 pm
Banking my US checksal leong8-22-07  9:51 pm
GymChristopher Henson8-20-07  1:04 am
Imported FoodsRoberto8-13-07  1:52 pm
Ethnic Make UpTom 10 8-13-07  1:01 pm
To buy a car!Roberto8-08-07  6:52 pm
Transferring money FROM ArgentinaBill Howard11 8-08-07  3:21 pm
Garbarino and the refrigerator that HEATSRoberto8-05-07  5:54 pm
Sin visa?Tom 7-27-07  4:04 pm
Advice on Living in Mendoza wanted:movingtoargentina.ty26 7-27-07  12:12 pm
Recently moved to medozalara martin7-21-07  6:41 pm
Neighborhood/Bankslara martin11 7-21-07  6:21 pm
Jewelry selling in the street - observationArial7-16-07  11:56 pm
OPPORTUNITIES FOR WRITERSSimon Fawkes7-16-07  4:53 am
Info on MendozaRoberto7-11-07  12:44 pm
Winter WonderlandSteven Leslie7-10-07  7:29 am
Young student in Buenos AiresNordin6-30-07  8:12 pm
Questions about work permit , pls help meSteven Leslie6-22-07  11:28 pm
Retail prices for CNG and LPG in Argentina (+)Roberto6-21-07  3:37 pm
Living on the coast full-timeRoberto6-16-07  3:38 pm
Bilingual schoolsRoberto6-16-07  3:25 pm
Life in Cordobaron 6-16-07  9:41 am
Fruits and Vegetablesfarmersbase6-15-07  12:08 pm
Studying at la UBAAlexandra Harbert17 6-13-07  12:33 pm
Telephone prepaid-card and insurance!Roberto6-06-07  10:48 am
Argentina and agriculturefarmersbase6-01-07  8:16 pm
Dutch peoplefarmersbase6-01-07  4:52 pm
Motorcycles need to license plated/registrationRoberto5-31-07  3:18 pm
Experience Obtaining VisasRoberto10 5-17-07  2:44 pm
Motocross??ron 5-13-07  9:53 pm
Conditions to fulfil to get resident visaBenco10 5-09-07  4:06 am
Visa's for ARGmovingtoargentina.ty17 5-07-07  3:55 pm
Another work question about BADarth4-26-07  10:50 pm
I would like to move from the UK and Argentina movingtoargentina.ty11 4-26-07  5:01 pm
Renting apartment, expensive!?Swede4-20-07  1:57 pm
Where to live in Buenos Aires...Simon Fawkes15 4-17-07  12:15 pm
Mendoza Rentalsjohn j mccormack3-20-07  2:22 pm
Thinking of movingRoberto41 3-13-07  5:45 pm
Dental Work in BARoberto3-13-07  1:03 pm
Cost of Living and Working Visa optionsRoberto22 3-10-07  12:58 pm
Art suppliesRobbie3-06-07  2:58 pm
Moving to Cordoba: education, costs... Please commentSam W. Davis3-04-07  4:09 pm
Recommendations for US Tax Preparer?Sam W. Davis2-23-07  12:28 pm
Shipping my furniture here?Simon Fawkes2-21-07  7:20 am
Cost of living in BA - reasonable expectations?Roberto2-21-07  12:23 am
English primary schools??movingtoargentina.ty2-20-07  5:25 pm
New to Argentina - MisionesRoberto2-13-07  10:45 pm
Phone numbers and tango lessonsRiyad Anabtawi2-08-07  7:49 am
Getting Excellent Cosmetic Surgery in Buenos AiresRoberto1-25-07  1:05 pm
Medical Tourism in ArgentinaBrenda Irving17 1-22-07  6:35 pm
Maternity care Buenos AiresBrenda Irving1-22-07  2:10 pm
GREEN LASER surgery for PROSTRATE enlargementBrenda Irving1-22-07  2:09 pm
Being Vegetarian in Buenos AiresRoberto1-16-07  10:52 pm
Importing a carWizo1-12-07  9:48 am
I need some adviceTom 1-09-07  1:05 pm
Advice/Help American interested in Medicine at UBAWilliam McCurdy1-04-07  6:16 pm
Vonage availability in CordobaBill Howard1-02-07  3:24 pm
Argentina vs. ColombiaGustavo Flores12-25-06  1:27 pm
Immigration Lawyers and ServicesEric Northam12-21-06  10:47 am
Castilian vs Latin AmericanMarite Spruth16 12-18-06  2:06 am
Exchange student for a yearRoberto12-14-06  3:38 pm
Expats or anyone... Would like to introduce yourself?Jude OHara12 12-11-06  8:17 pm
Heart scan in BA or in ArgentinaRoberto11-29-06  10:52 pm
Rehabbing costs/Gastos de refaccionesGregg O. Courtad11-19-06  2:17 pm
Hoping to Return to BsAsRoberto11-18-06  3:12 pm
I plan internetRoberto18 11-16-06  12:44 pm
Weather Buenos AiresRoberto11-15-06  11:02 am
FIling taxes as a foreigner in ArgentinaArial16 11-15-06  6:14 am
The Tax Situation...Roberto12 11-13-06  11:04 am
I have a questionTom 10 11-08-06  9:12 pm
Finding work in Buenos AiresRoberto11-04-06  9:37 am
Financial Information/Publications in ArgentinaTom 10-30-06  4:10 pm
Renting apartment and spanish lessonsVeronica McGinty10-24-06  4:09 pm
Finding a job and work related issuesTom Woodson9-18-06  6:23 pm
December ShortageVeronica McGinty9-04-06  7:28 pm
BA work outTom Woodson9-04-06  4:43 pm
Gyms in the Buenos Aires Areacraig shell9-03-06  5:30 pm
How much is Gasoline?Tom Woodson8-30-06  1:19 pm
Organic foodRoderick Chapman8-02-06  7:30 pm
Chocolate cafeTrudy Ann Hart7-31-06  10:36 pm
Questions about short-term stay...movingtoargentina.ty10 7-25-06  8:39 pm
Buying properties in ArgentinaTom Woodson7-21-06  8:27 pm
Studying in SaltaNancy Luna7-12-06  7:28 pm
Pedicure Spa AdviceRoberto7-11-06  11:25 am
Safety in Buenos AiresPaul Ghidossi7-08-06  4:59 pm
German CommunitiesGustavo Flores7-02-06  8:40 pm
Which way to go?Robert Gisborn7-01-06  7:14 pm
Interest charged-interest paid by banksRoberto6-28-06  9:16 am
CodemeTom Woodson6-27-06  9:01 am
Argentina Student Visas - Tango HistoryIsaac Ho6-25-06  2:53 pm
Home schoolingRoberto6-21-06  5:08 pm
Teaching in ArgentinaVera Mishenina6-16-06  11:03 am
Working Loft Spaces in BA?Roberto6-11-06  4:03 pm
Work and live in ArgentinaOliver4-20-06  5:14 am
Calling Me in Buenos Aires from CanadaRoberto3-16-06  9:40 pm
Wedding CustomsRoberto1-26-06  5:46 pm
Work on an estancia?Roberto1-23-06  1:33 am
Bus ServiceRoberto1-14-06  10:46 am
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