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"Love Trumps Hate"Roberto1-09-16  12:09 am
Top Ten Jobs If You Love To TravelJoseph Foster6-11-15  12:11 am
Removing paintingsMIchael Calero10-20-13  11:44 am
Dual citizen... how to enter argentina?Roberto32 3-28-13  12:52 pm
New born son! Richard Bogner2-10-13  10:01 pm
Foreign Passport RenewalRoberto11-12-12  6:07 am
Trip to ArgentinaRoberto8-29-12  9:15 am
Buenos Aires - Ruta 3 - Peninsula ValdésRoberto12-17-11  11:57 am
GETTING TO RUTA 40Carlos Gelbart12-14-11  3:12 am
Tasa de reciprocidadRobert Gisborn12-06-10  10:00 pm
Agentina Travel BlogRoberto12-06-10  9:00 pm
Need some tips for hotels in Buenos AiresRoberto12-02-10  12:06 pm
Simply Buenos AiresRoberto10-23-10  12:05 am
When to buy plane tickets?MIchael Calero4-20-10  11:26 am
Bus TravelGayle 33 3-30-10  2:06 pm
SIM Card for cell phoneRoberto10 3-21-10  4:18 pm
I want to know if I need a visa for two weeks?Benoit Newby3-01-10  3:01 pm
Advice from Our South America Trip, 3 WeeksRoberto1-29-10  8:14 pm
Proof required to get lower airfare for ArgentinesCarlos Gelbart17 1-28-10  11:05 am
ATM cash withdrawalMark15 12-21-09  6:35 pm
Advice wanted - camping possible? Meiqiong Xiong10-21-09  4:58 pm
Travelling in south americaRoberto9-24-09  1:26 pm
Where NOT to go in ArgentinaPedro 17 9-13-09  4:32 pm
Request for info for Jan '10 tripMichelle Alison9-08-09  4:40 pm
Major Roads of Palermo SOHO, Buenos Aires?spa9-04-09  9:06 pm
Anne Frank on Av.CorrientesJulieta Durante8-31-09  7:35 pm
Choripán in Buenos AiresAlejandro Fretes8-31-09  12:25 pm
Need a baby cribCynthia Edelberg8-05-09  6:20 pm
Tipping Housekeepers in BsAsRoberto8-05-09  6:13 pm
Afternoon/Evening (Spanish) Classesspa8-04-09  4:37 pm
Argentina weather tips needed...Cynthia Golbert28 8-01-09  2:17 pm
Discount Days/Dealsspa7-26-09  10:47 pm
Wifi on my iPod Touch (2nd Gen) in Buenos Aires?Victor W.7-12-09  4:37 pm
Where to go?Roberto7-12-09  3:21 pm
Transportation in ArgentinaJeremy Swillinger44 7-08-09  3:01 pm
US Citizen - TARIFFS - Electronics & Vehicleselina overstadt6-23-09  5:09 pm
Singles travel in Argentina or BrazilRuth Bowen6-09-09  11:40 pm
Cheap tour inside jordan,ammanRoberto6-04-09  6:33 pm
MoneyMIchael Calero5-25-09  7:25 pm
First Time Travel To Buenos AiresMike Johnakin31 5-24-09  6:03 pm
Haircut and shopping in Buenos AIreswebdesign456.blogspo5-21-09  12:11 pm
Direct flights Salta - Iguazúivan G5-05-09  8:13 am
Looking For a Car RentalGuillermo Augusto Be4-17-09  1:53 pm
Where to find argentina fridge magnet marissa anuar4-17-09  4:19 am
TAM AirlinesStephanie S. Walker4-12-09  11:12 am
First Class Bus - Trelew to Bariloche?marcelo G.4-11-09  2:30 pm
Onward Ticket Needed?Roberto12 2-20-09  12:11 pm
Yellow fever/IguazuThomas Schröder2-08-09  5:40 am
Villa Gesell to EzeizaVirginia F1-22-09  4:16 pm
Car rental agenciesAdenRobin1-22-09  6:32 am
Busses-El Calafate down to UshuaiaJan Pearce1-13-09  10:14 am
Esteros del IberáLinda Murray1-12-09  10:34 pm
Salta to Iguazu fallsJan Lettinga1-09-09  10:06 am
New yearstella fernandis 12-31-08  7:48 am
Cost of shipping home?Nibbles0612-30-08  11:44 am
1 week in ArgentinaAilleen12-25-08  5:13 am
Travel dealstunna12-25-08  4:59 am
Clothes maker + electronics - prices/adviceVictor W.12-22-08  10:21 pm
Cheap hotels in Buenos Ariescynthia l glennan12-14-08  8:03 pm
Day trips from Ushuaiale thi thuy vy12-10-08  9:49 am
Xmas planningjerry crew10 11-26-08  5:37 pm
Transportation from airport in BAivan G11-26-08  12:25 pm
Travel questionsivan G17 11-26-08  12:24 pm
Argentine Customsivan G11-26-08  12:09 pm
The best optionivan G11-26-08  12:02 pm
Datos para viaje Argentina - BrasilDaniel Forster11-26-08  10:04 am
Visiting Buenos AiresDaniel Forster11-26-08  10:03 am
Argentina Travel Advice WantedDaniel Forster15 11-26-08  10:02 am
Travel in ArgentinaDaniel Forster11-26-08  10:01 am
A few questions...Daniel Forster18 11-26-08  10:00 am
What to wear in ArgentinaDaniel Forster10 11-26-08  9:59 am
Where to stay in RecoletaDaniel Forster11-26-08  9:57 am
Never beenDaniel Forster11-26-08  9:57 am
Various QuestionsDaniel Forster11-26-08  9:56 am
Argentina vs. PeruDaniel Forster11-26-08  9:55 am
Scared TeachersDaniel Forster13 11-26-08  9:54 am
Train Trip Bariloche - ViedmaDaniel Forster12 11-26-08  9:52 am
Best Hostel i been in BS ASDaniel Forster11-26-08  9:50 am
Argentina travel Nov 14-30Daniel Forster11-26-08  9:50 am
5 week argentina itineraryDaniel Forster11-26-08  9:49 am
Argentina to charge visitors entrance feeDaniel Forster17 11-26-08  9:45 am
Spanish LanguageDaniel Forster11-13-08  6:21 am
Be careful to drive with your lights on!Jan Lettinga11-08-08  8:52 pm
Entrance fee at Puerto Iguazu aduana?Álvaro Conforte Dorn10-28-08  2:33 pm
Patagonia - Jan/Feb or June/July?Living in Patagonia10-23-08  9:55 am
Question for Robertolarry Rogers11 10-06-08  4:49 pm
PSA-LAN weekend airfare saleLiving in Patagonia9-26-08  9:48 pm
Can I store luggage in downtown Bs. As.?BIG AL9-24-08  3:19 pm
How early can I check bags at Ezeiza?Roberto9-22-08  11:51 pm
Free tours in Buenos AiresTourism and Web Desi9-09-08  8:59 pm
Ushuaia to Rio GallegosBruno9-07-08  9:29 am
Aerolineas Argentinas reliabilityPam & Scott8-31-08  4:36 am
Wonderful Stay at Perhentian Island Tunabay ResortRoberto8-29-08  4:43 pm
Help... laptop is stranded!!!Jay Vegas21 8-26-08  8:57 am
Itinerary in Patagonia/ Hiking Guide Referrals?Stephanie Kane8-11-08  7:06 pm
Getting apartment/bank account on 90 day Visas?Roberto10 8-04-08  4:10 pm
Help! I want to move to Argentina...Robert Alexander7-29-08  9:48 am
Penalty for overstaying 180 day tourist Visa?Tom 7-25-08  2:54 pm
Day trip from IguazuMarie Bueche7-09-08  11:20 pm
Ground transportation from EZE to AEPMIchael Calero6-05-08  1:51 pm
Sounds too good to believeAlexander E. Sominsk5-25-08  3:25 pm
Car rentalRoberto70 5-22-08  3:49 pm
Argentina to EcuadorRoberto5-05-08  10:13 pm
Mendoza/san rafael trip- weather and clothingRoberto4-30-08  12:42 pm
Yellow Fever VaccinationArial4-28-08  5:49 pm
Semester In Buenos AiresRoberto4-18-08  1:20 am
Travel from Bariloche to El Calafate in JuneRoberto4-18-08  1:11 am
Flights in ArgentinaRoberto4-07-08  9:52 am
CafayateRoberto4-02-08  9:23 pm
Five weeks in ArgentinaRoberto3-11-08  11:14 pm
Things to bring?Roberto13 3-08-08  12:09 pm
V Cumbre ALC-UE en Lima-PeruRoberto2-28-08  11:04 am
Exchanging dollarsMIchael Calero16 2-26-08  11:16 am
Air tickets to El CalafateRoberto27 2-18-08  12:55 pm
TippingRoberto2-12-08  8:48 pm
Argentina travel : entry / exit requirementsAlejandro Fretes10 2-06-08  9:18 am
Flights to BAWTMendoza.com1-29-08  9:22 am
Medical emergenciesW Piccione1-20-08  9:19 am
Health care, cell phones, and electricityROSEMARY TAIT1-19-08  2:28 pm
Cheap, small city to practice spanish?Roberto1-13-08  5:59 pm
Argentine national flying to UK via NY - Visa?Adam Williams1-11-08  3:44 pm
10 days: BA, Iguazu, Calafate?Adam Williams1-09-08  9:21 am
Frequent Flyer MilesMIchael Calero1-03-08  6:29 pm
Work VisasAna16 12-30-07  7:32 pm
Driving through Argentina-Chile Patagonia RegionWTMendoza.com12-22-07  6:52 am
Tips for travelAna28 12-18-07  2:14 am
Travel itinerarygloria nepi12-08-07  12:15 pm
Tipping in a spa?Roberto11-30-07  8:17 am
VISA...WTMendoza.com22 11-28-07  9:44 pm
Hiring drivers/guidesWTMendoza.com11-27-07  2:19 pm
Maximum tourist visas?Jose Cintron11-21-07  12:32 am
New Year in BsAsGeoff Pearson10-18-07  4:16 pm
How to obtain permanent residence in Argentina?WTMendoza.com23 10-17-07  10:20 pm
Fees when crossing into ChileWelcomeToMendoza.com10-09-07  5:56 pm
Cant decide where to stay!!!Geoff Pearson9-24-07  10:47 pm
Internal flights to/from Saltasimon lodge9-18-07  8:44 am
Travel IteneraryAllin Delgado Cáñez9-17-07  11:59 pm
Buenos aires and ecuadorHeather9-17-07  11:08 pm
Your opinion on P.N. Tierra Del Fuego?Roberto9-16-07  8:58 pm
We've created a community of personal guidesVIAmigo9-16-07  8:09 am
Chartering Flights within ArgentinaRoberto9-12-07  4:43 pm
Coverage of Cellular Services in ArgentinaPaul Ghidossi9-08-07  9:57 pm
Gifts for friends and familyRoberto8-21-07  3:19 pm
Thirteen Nights in Argentina-Where To Go?Roberto8-17-07  3:57 pm
October travelDeborah8-02-07  9:32 am
Argentina trip August 10-20Roberto7-30-07  4:17 pm
Lucha libre or ''Catch''? in Argentinamiguel delgadillo7-30-07  3:28 am
Universidad Catolica Argentina Santa MariaRoberto7-06-07  6:41 pm
Suprise trip to Buenos AiresHaley Patterson6-18-07  10:10 am
Help very neededluciano pereira10 6-14-07  5:25 pm
Advice/Help American to study in UBAluciano pereira6-11-07  5:20 pm
Just new here...adaliancruz6-08-07  1:57 am
THANK YOU!!!adaliancruz6-06-07  9:35 pm
New years in ArgentinaRoberto6-05-07  10:21 pm
Where to go in argentinalarry Rogers6-04-07  9:48 am
El Calafate - Torres del PaineRoberto5-31-07  4:03 pm
Moving back to argentinaRoberto5-29-07  10:59 pm
Single Male in his 50s visiting PalermoRoberto24 5-18-07  12:09 pm
Bringing CashDarth10 5-13-07  9:59 am
One Way tickets allowed?kimberly adams4-29-07  5:58 pm
Skiing ///accomodation volunter ski patrol?Dan Rand4-26-07  4:12 pm
Temporary Health Insurance MIchael Calero4-25-07  2:43 am
Travelling for Plastic Surgery in ArgentinaVeronica Espinosa4-19-07  11:38 am
Help packing for BA!!florencia4-10-07  1:30 pm
Travel from Mendoza to San JuanRoberto4-10-07  10:31 am
Need help with my itineraryRoberto4-09-07  3:41 pm
Transfers from Jorge Newberry/Aeroparque to EZEruggero3-26-07  9:24 am
90 day stay visa extensionTom 3-26-07  12:39 am
Taxi from BA Intl Airport to Recoleta Simon Fawkes17 3-21-07  8:18 am
Buying internal flight ticketsJohn Owens3-20-07  5:40 pm
Visiting BA 1st timeRoberto16 3-10-07  8:58 pm
Visiting the Pantagonia region eugenie h3-05-07  7:47 pm
Politics of American foreign aid...Tom 87 2-15-07  8:38 pm
Life in Argentina before 2001Roberto33 2-13-07  4:35 pm
Cheapest travel from Canada?Roberto2-07-07  1:29 pm
Help with my school work?Taina Laakkonen2-01-07  4:46 pm
Air passRoberto1-24-07  8:35 pm
Facelift and employment in ArgentinaRoberto16 1-24-07  12:48 am
Best bus from BA to MendozaKevin Mobley1-22-07  8:13 am
El Subte & more - questionsflorencia16 1-13-07  2:20 pm
LODGING NEAR OR AT IGUAZU FALLS ???David Cleveland1-11-07  2:06 pm
Trip to BArobert lipmar1-02-07  1:03 am
Driving from Buenos Aires to UshuaiaRoberto12-28-06  5:34 pm
Bus InformationMaia13 12-18-06  4:52 pm
Clothing for visit over xmas periodRoberto12-03-06  1:30 pm
In country air-passesRoberto11-16-06  1:11 pm
How to telephone El Chaltenesteban andina11-14-06  8:04 pm
Transportation from Argentina to BrazilRoberto11-13-06  11:45 am
Buenos Aires AirportsTom 11 11-12-06  10:46 pm
Seasons in ArgentinaRusski Power11-07-06  9:43 am
Help with our upcoming travel plans in ArgentinaTom 10-28-06  10:58 pm
Argentina in June?ATC10-27-06  6:58 pm
Tours in El CalafateTom Woodson10-15-06  7:59 pm
Valores de busTom Woodson10-15-06  3:36 pm
Payment in ArgentinaTom Woodson10-15-06  3:34 pm
Cheapest way to FlyRoberto42 10-10-06  10:53 am
Train Travel to Mar Del PlataRoberto10-09-06  3:43 pm
Rentar una moto ?Roberto9-19-06  12:28 pm
Wedding in Buenos AiresRoberto9-17-06  3:51 pm
Argentina, culture and people in two weeksRoberto9-08-06  2:49 pm
Trelew -Punta Tombo -- PM- PP- PenValdesfrances luke9-07-06  8:24 am
March 2007Tom Woodson9-05-06  7:13 pm
Transportation from BA to Punta Del EsteLamar Starling9-03-06  6:05 pm
Hotels in Calafate and Puerto Madryn areafrances luke8-31-06  7:51 am
Hotels in BarilocheTom Woodson8-29-06  1:02 pm
How many km from Trelew Airport to Punta Tombo etcRoberto8-29-06  10:39 am
Motorcycle Rental QuestionGary Dawson8-05-06  6:21 pm
Patagonia Octoberfrances luke8-01-06  8:48 am
How to locate doctor / clinic in Rosario?Carmen Stigliano7-31-06  10:39 am
Esteros de iberá travelTerry Baker7-27-06  1:09 pm
Train Travel in Argentina florencia7-20-06  11:51 pm
Example Taxi and Remise fares? Subte...Tom Woodson7-18-06  12:02 am
2 weeks from late August from 1000 USD to see allTom Woodson7-14-06  11:37 am
Patagonia in SeptemberRoberto7-06-06  12:54 pm
Flying within ArgentinaRoberto6-28-06  1:55 pm
Consejos para Buenos Aires - Rioaita singh lama6-24-06  3:55 am
Hotel VedraRoberto6-12-06  10:50 pm
MENDOZARoberto6-05-06  10:34 am
Bus from Trelew to EsquelRoberto6-05-06  9:44 am
Iguazu Falls and MalariaRoberto6-04-06  12:46 pm
FOOD in Buenos Aires and Iguazu FallsRoberto6-03-06  7:33 pm
HOTEL IN BUENOS AIRESRoberto6-03-06  7:20 pm
Buenos Aires -- TIGRE DeltaRoberto6-03-06  6:51 pm
BUS TO IGUAZU FALLS FROM BARoberto6-03-06  6:21 pm
Bus services San Juan - Villa Union - SaltaRoberto6-01-06  1:57 pm
Crossing From Argentina To Chile Or ViceversaRoberto5-25-06  4:56 pm
Puerto Madryn in July to see sea animals?Roberto5-22-06  11:40 am
Internet cafes?Riyad Anabtawi16 5-20-06  6:35 pm
Itinerary July 2006 - 4 weeksChevalier5-20-06  2:17 pm
Group Trip To Iguazu FallsRoberto5-18-06  2:41 pm
Vuelos desde Tacna (Perú) a MendozaLourdes11 5-12-06  7:59 pm
Foreign Embassies and Consulates in ArgentinaRoberto5-12-06  7:59 pm
Flights to BA from DenverThe Lady5-12-06  7:57 pm
Plugs and adapters in ArgentinaMieka14 5-12-06  7:57 pm
Tierra del FuegoDavid Silva 5-12-06  7:57 pm
Del El Calafate a Pto. Madrin/Trelownicky desde Atenas5-12-06  7:56 pm
Calling to Argentina Administrator5-12-06  7:55 pm
Sites that provide good info.for visitorsSantiago Bengolea4-05-06  5:32 am
Weather in May?F. Harrington3-24-06  10:00 pm
Domestic flight information - CordobaRoberto2-27-06  11:32 am
Staying In Touch By Mobile/CellRoberto2-18-06  5:22 pm
Travelex, South America, ArgentinaF. Harrington2-17-06  10:05 pm
El Calafate - EsquelRoberto1-19-06  10:59 am
Bird hunting in ArgentinaRoberto11-07-05  11:29 pm
Minimizing holiday impact on tourismRoberto10-03-05  11:39 am
Iguassu TripRoberto7-05-05  3:45 pm
Full time local guidesRoberto5-18-05  11:30 am
La Pampa tripRoberto3-14-05  7:32 pm
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