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Fly fishing vacation in Argentina

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So you have been to Chile already. You had your fly fishing vacation and did some fly fishing in Chile. I am sure it must have been a great experience. One with all the necessary ingredients to make it a great fishing trip. But unforgettable? If you are indeed looking for the best, least known, most sought after fly fishing spots in the World, then you must consider Trevelin in Esquel, right in the southwest corner of Chubut, a southern argentine province at the bed of the Andes.

The beauty of trout fishing in Trevelin


1. Rods: Consider bringing two. One 9 ft (fly line 6 and 7) and another 8ft (fly line 4 and 5). This will provide you with enough flexibility to fish on larger rivers (floating) as well as smaller streams (wading). Also, it will allow you to switch from nymphs to dry flies easily.

2. Leaders: Knotless 9ft. 3X (8LB), 4X (6LB) and 5X (4LB).

3. Waders wading boots: and wading stick.

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Fly fishing vacation in Patagonia. Does it compare to "fly fishing in Chile"? Hell yeah! Just ask one of these US fly fishing experts. Juan, one of the guides holding a nice rainbow trout out of arroyo pescado. Mark, holding a great brown trout. Last diner farewell with guides Marcelo and Juan. Duane in Rio Grande holding his catches.

If you expect great infraestructure, plenty of ammenities, lots of convenient deals that will make your fishing trip as smooth as a visit to "Animal Kingdom" in Orlando, I am afraid we are not the right crew for you.

What you can find with us instead, is a very small group of people focused on delivering the real deal. That is, that you come in contact with pristine, untouched nature, with lakes that haven't been overfished and with a small group of guides that have been fly fishing for the last 15 years and know all lakes, all streams, all corners of Rio Pico inside out -considered by a small circle of insiders as one of the best places on earth for phenomenal catches-.

Mark Foster was generous enough to share his thoughts about his February 2005 trip: "... Roberto, if you shop the Internet you will find that you trip was very economical. Compare most outfitters such as Trek or Silver Creek out of Sun Valley. Their rates are pretty consistently about $600 per day per person not including in-country airfare or any airport transportation. So I would calculate that trip at about $3,000 per person as they all wanted $600 per night for all four nights even though we fished for only three days. Your trip was pretty reasonably priced...".

"Most importantly ,and I really worked on this one, I wanted to deal with Argentineans and not a fly fishing shop in Sun Valley Idaho. It was impossible to contact most of the larger fly fishing operations directly . They are so locked into these guys like Trek and Frontier that they won't even put up web sites of their own. Now clearly you too were an intermediary but I got the feeling from the beginning that we were dealing more directly with the source, and in many ways we were. There was a personal service as well as an argentinean experience that you can't find on an Americanized tour. You need to work on the perception that you are not the source finder but in fact the very SOURCE itself."

* Fishing gear: Fishing tools and fishing vests. Also consider bringing hats or baseball caps.
* Other lines: Floating & sink tip.
* Nets: Hand nets. For rainy weather don't forget a raining coat and although it is summer it is advisable to have a thicker coat as well. Once sun sets temperatures may drop. Polarized sunglasses. Sunscreen. Small flashlight.


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