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Travel to Neuquen

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Volcano LaninMap of Cordoba in Argentina The City of Neuquen is the fastest growing one in Patagonia. Together with nearby villages it holds 18% of its population or about 265,000 habs. The entire area is the one that holds most of the population in this part of the country concentrating about 33%. This includes not only the city of Neuquen but also the numerous agricultural towns in Alto Valle as well as the cities of Centenario and Plottier. Neuquen Itself has not only developed its travel industry at a high pace but also developed its economy into other venues. Neuquen has become a leading producer of energy through hydroelectric production (El Chocon). Located in a priviledged geographical region, Neuquen offers visitors destinations of extreme beauty at the lap of the Andes, medical tourism at its thermal waters in Copahue and like Rio Negro plenty of outdoors activities.

Nahuel Huapi lake - San Martin de los Andes

Horse riding in BarilochePlenty of beauty everywhere. Lanin National Park (379,000 has) created in 1937 named after its Volcano (extint) has over 35 lakes among which 'Huechulafquen' offers serene and extreme beauty. The City of San Martin de los Andes is located in the nearby area, surrounded by Lakes and forests offers some of the most gratifying experiences in Patagonia. Visitors to the region can take a trip to the "seven lakes", one of the most marvelous and scenic views in Argentina. Recently, road work has made the whole region more accesible, although at the same time,"less" adventurous. Journey starts in San Martin de los Andes and continues to Nauhel Huapi national park visiting...

National park LaninTromen lake, Lacar lake, Huechulafquen lake, Palmun, Epulafquen, Curruhue, Lolog, Machonico, Hermoso lake, Falkner and Villarino lake. Some of these lakes are suitable for trout fishing (rainbow, brown) and fishing of 'pejerrey' and 'percas'. On the way to Ruca Malen there is also Escondido Lake and Correntoso Lake. Further ahead, Espejo Lake completes a circuit of awesome beauty. The whole area borders the oriental side of the Andes ridge and starts at Lago Tromen. Along the 130 km corridor of lakes there are also 3 border crossings into Chile: Paso Tromen, Paso de Carinine and Paso de Hua Hum.

The importance of the national park Lanin resides in that it is home for some of the most valuable forests with species of Araucarias, Roble Pellin and Rauli. During Autumn these forests turn into an specticle of magical colors. There are also many private 'cotos de caza' where hundreds of hunters gather every year. Just as certain species of deer were introduced artificially, so was the trout. Today, Neuquen has become a favorite destination for those looking to spend time fly fishing. Season starts around November 15th and ends around April 15th. Caza mayour takes place between the months of March and May.

Water sports in Neuquen
A fishermen's dream - Neuquen

Trout fishing in Patagonian lakesNeuquen has a priviledged place in the world of sports-fishing due to the importance of its trout fishing activities. Lake names such as Chimehuin, Malleo or Limay drive the desire of hundreds of the most demanding fishermen in the world. Factors such as great lakes with ideal conditions of water and shelter make these areas a perfect place for the spawning of the salmonidae. All of which are framed in a landscape of great beauty. In Neuquen, salmonidae reproduce naturally and can reach great size and quantities. Some of the species found are rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, landlock salmon and perch. Limay and Neuquen are the 2 most important basins inhabited by salmonidae. Limay is near Piedra del Aguila and is a large river. Even though flycasting is considered the way to fish trout...

Fly fishing in Neuquenspinning and trolling are also practiced. As for the Neuquen basin, the southern part is short of outstanding. The number of fishes obtained one after the other is incredible. Fishermen regularly put back fishes back in the water. One cannot write about Neuquen without mentioning San Martin de los Andes, the focal point for tourists that arrive here. Situated at the base of Lacar lake, San Martin de los Andes (15,000+ habs) has been a favorite destination for its fishing, hunting and skiing possibilities. It was founded in the year 1898, however, a previous fortress built in the year 1883 in the vecinity of Vega de Maipu is considered by some the initial settlement.

In its first years, the village survived thanks to its thriving forest/wood industry. This also helped to connect its residents with those along the border with Chile and initiate a supply route. In 1906, the 'compania general transandina' established its transportation business between San Martin and Chile. In 1937 , the government created the national park Lanin but it wasn't until the 70's when great efforts were made to convert this town in a vacation resort.

Trouts and fishing in lakes of pristine  beauty

Caviahue - Copahue | Thermal Springs

Copahue and Caviahue thermal watersPristine lakes in National Park LaninOne of the hidden jewels in Neuquen are its thermal waters in northern part of the state. Copahue provincial park was created to protect and preserve the Pehuen forest (araucarias). It offers a delightful landscape of woods, crystal clear waters, steppes, basaltic terraces and high pasture lands. Within the Park there are 2 main centers: Copahue and Caviahue 19 km from each other. Copahue, which means 'sulphur place' is a widely known thermal springs resort with bath facilities for 2,500 users a day. In fact, it's prescribed for the cure of rheumatitis, skin and some breathing disorders. People go under treatment in comfortable cabins under constant medical supervision. Season begins in November 1st through March 31st and it's open to the general public. About 30 % of visitors use it for preventive purposes and suffer no ailments. Medical staff usually review visitor's medical history and then issue a recommendation. Each of the medicated disorders is treated in different ways, the general use of mud and waters is for rheumatoid arthritis whereas skin disorders are treated with greener waters extracted from the closer volcano

Map of Neuquen, Argentina

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