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Cordoba, Argentina - Outdoors and cultural activities

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Deeply marked by the Indian trace of the "comechingones" and shaped by the colonial style of Jesuit ruins, its capital city -strategically located in the center- is the starting point to the rest of the province. Options are so varied that tourists have to draw different traveling maps.

Sierras Cordoba Jesuits Carlos Paz, Cordoba
Cordoba in Argentina

Sierras Cordoba


1. You can't miss Cordoba (Argentina). Its location and variety makes it an exceptional place. Jesuit ruins, adventure, rivers and mountains.


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A typical tour when in Cordoba

"Valle de Punilla" and "Sierras Chicas" will always attract first-time visitors enchanted by the rivers and pools, where the silence of "cañadas" and the joy of cities mix. Visited by 850 thousand tourists a year, "Villa Carlos Paz" is undoubtedly the queen among the cities. Other sights are: "Dique San Roque", "Alta Gracia" and "Calamuchita".

Villa General Belgrano" is a European village among hills. A festive atmosphere prevails here all year round and its 5000 inhabitants are always ready for tourists and to cook sausage with sauerkraut, goulash with spatzel or "Selva Negra" (Black Jungle), a traditional dessert.

Nearby, on the eastern side of "Sierra Grande", "La Cumbrecita" is an unforgettable, dreamy paradise. At 1450 meters above sea level, this alpine-style town with a hippie touch is famous for both the hospitality of its people and the varied natural alternatives.

Rather than a place, La Cumbrecita is a state of mind similar to Patagonia and a very few other paradises in the world. Only 68 years ago, there were just mountains, rivers, deep "cañadas" and clear streams in the area. But when the first travelers came, some of German or Polish origin, they decided to stay.
Not to damage the ecosystem, they also decided that no cars would be allowed, which resulted in the first pedestrian town of Republica Argentina.

Visitors must park their cars in the public parking lot and walk in. To the north of the capital city, another interesting tour includes "Villa Giardino", "La Cumbre", "Cruz del Eje" and "Capilla del Monte". Famous for the alleged visit of aliens and silently watched over by the majestic "Cerro Uritorco", Capilla del Monte has a different energy flow.

Those looking for challenges will climb the eastern harder side; and those fascinated by relaxation will devote their time to esoteric rites to experience a deep connection with the soul.

If trying to really discover Cordoba , going to "Valle de Traslasierra", through "Quebrada del condor" is a must. "Nono" and "Mina Clavero" are places to visit. In Mina Clavero, the potters' road with works of art in black ceramic (special in the area), good food, good prices and the hospitality of the craftsmen combine in an unsurpassed combo.

But Cordoba is more than this. And you need to visit and travel around to see what it really is like and to notice that its air and clear blue sky have transforming powers.


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