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The Delta - Tigre, Buenos Aires

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Calm and nature near the city of Buenos Aires. Inns, "recreos" and activities to suit everyone's tastes. Nature is everywhere in the "Delta". It's the perfect place for those who want to unwind nearby. Although only a 30-minute drive from the Capital, its scenery is quite different.

El Tigre Delta Delta Parana Estacion de Tigre
Tigre Delta

Buenos Aires Delta


Tigre is the front door to the magical world of wild life at the delta. Tigre is the main island north of Buenos Aires and point of departure for many boat rides to the miriad of smaller islands that comprise the delta.

This area is just a formation through sedimentation over a span of hundreds of years, if not thousands. Rich in wild life, it can be visited in sections with shorter rides to the nearby islands and longer ones to north of Parana river including the island Martin Garcia -once a detention center for former president Juan Peron-

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A typical tour when in Buenos Aires

Whether you choose relaxing or having fun, you'll have a great time without spending too much. Those who are looking for more than a boat or catamaran trip can spend the day in a "recreo" or choose from the many options in cabins, hotels, rental houses or "lodges".

Built on piles to fight the constant invading waters of the river, island houses offer an absolute calm. Surrounded by poplars, willows and ceibo trees, some still keep their traditional style with grooved tin roofs and decorative frieze; others, more modern, have jakuzzies and there are still those with a country style.

Fantasy Island: Inns are an alternative for one-day tours. Private and peaceful, most of them have excellent restaurants.

Good beer, exquisite German and Austrian food, a park for kids and the quiet "Rama Negra" stream make Alpenhaus a place for pleasure: its bungalows are so perfectly equipped that they even have tubs with water massage.
A little special because of its sand beach, Atelier Inn has cabins with two or three rooms. "Rio Hotel Laura" with swimming pool, paddle court and games is another place to spend the night. "Puerto La Pista" offers cabins with or without a kitchen, a river view and a private bathroom; also, sand beaches and canoes for guests.

" Bora Bora " is a wild refuge, with its own little pond. As it is located in "Tres Bocas", a privileged area, you can walk through thick vegetation and cross rivers. We can't overlook Tigre 's cuisine.
"Gato Blanco" restaurant offers a complete menu with meat, fish, poultry and homemade pasta. Besides its dining room, it has a great area for sunbathing or lying under the trees, a volleyball court and games for kids.

Not everything is peace and leisure, though. If you are looking for a little adventure, excursions and river sports are for you. Rowing is traditional in the area.

Schools organize trips with skilled instructors; some, at moonlit nights, others staying overnight. Less conventional, kayak and wooden Canadian canoe tours explore non traditional areas.
Interesting safaris that combine raft tours and island walks are organized in this beautiful region where its rivers, streams and trees create an environment so different from its neighboring city, Buenos Aires.

Also, "Parana de las Palmas" is a fantastic fishing spot while in Buenos Aires. Depending on the season, you can get "surubi", "pejerrey" (variety of mackerel), "tararira", "pati", "pacu", "dorado", "boga" and "bagre" (catfish). Although fishing clubs have special docks, experts insist that fishing on boats has better results.

Lately, Delta has caught up with new trends. In its labyrinths of islands and streams, people waterski and jet ski. But wakeboarding is the hottest: you get on a board and a boat will pull you at high speed. Intense.

There are quieter options, though: an astronomical observation in "arroyo Esperita" and "Camino Pereyra" or an ecotour with biologist-guides who know the area well. For all budgets.

A little more cultural is the visit to the "Museo Casa Domingo F. Sarmiento" (Rio Sarmiento y Arroyo Los Reyes). If you are planning to spend just a day in Delta you can take a catamaran with restaurants and bars on board.

A classical plan is "Puerto de Frutos" (Fruit Port): a big market where you'll find anything especially bamboo decor and furniture and plants. Dreamy refuges, rustic houses, inns with all services, places to eat and relax and markets. Delta will definitely please all kind of tourists.


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