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payphones - codes and communications in Argentina

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Argentina > Communications in Argentina - Long distance calling
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Communications Information

DIALING CODES International country code: [54] Selected city codes: Buenos Aires (11), Cordoba (351), Mendoza (361), Posadas (3752), Rosario (341), San Juan (364), San Rafael (3627), Santa Fe (342)

Dialing Argentina from Overseas To reach Argentina from overseas, dial your country's international dialing code, then the country code for Argentina (54), then the city code and finally the number. If you were dialing Buenos Aires from the United States, for example, you would begin with 011, then 54, then 11 (the new city code for Buenos Aires), and finally the number of the person or business you are trying to reach.

Assistance Numbers • International direct dial access 00 • Information 110 • International Operator 000 • International Information 4953-8000 • Visitor Information (BA) (1) 4312-2232, 4312-6560 • Visitor Information (C—rdoba) (351) 444-027 • Visitor Information (Mendoza) (361) 424-2800 • Visitor Information (Rosario) (341) 424-8382

Argentina's telephone system has been privatized and greatly improved in the past decade. City codes have recently been changed to include a preceding '2' for cities south of Buenos Aires, and a preceding '3' for those lying north of the city. Buenos Aires itself has changed its code to '11'. All local numbers now have a preceding '4'. Business hotels offer domestic telephone service that is better than using phones on the street, but charges can run high. Many telephone exchanges and numbers are changing as Argentina upgrades the system, so wrong numbers are likely to be common for several years.

Local Calls
All local numbers have received a new prefix of 4 as Argentina goes through a telephone change. All numbers listed in this chapter have been changed accordingly. When using a phone, dial the local number, and see what happens. If you hear the word equivocado, you've reached a wrong number. Long Distance Calls
Dial the area code of the region before the local number. Keep in mind that area codes in Argentina have also been changed. to include a new preceding digit. Use a zero as a prefix to the area code, for example, if you are calling to C—rdoba from Buenos Aires, dial 0351 and then the local number. International Calls Most hotels offer international direct dial service from rooms, but the charges can run high. It is often cheaper to call collect or charge a call to a credit card.
AT&T USA Direct 001-800- 200-1111 MCI 001-800-333-1111 Sprint 001-800-777-1111 Telephone companies also operate telephone offices from which you can make a call overseas. Calls work much as they do in Europe where an attendant gives you a number and when the booth is ready or available, your number will be called. Inside the booth you may call direct or go through an operator. Telef—nica, one of Buenos Aires' two telephone companies, runs a 24-hour office on Av Corrientes 701.

Public Telephones
Public phones are readily available. Phones take tokens (cospeles) or cards (tarjetas). Different tokens apply for local and long-distance calling. One token will buy you only a couple of minutes of air time.

Telephone Cards
You can purchase cards (tarjetas telef—nicas) at streetside kiosks, newsstands, from street vendors or even in restaurants and bars. Cellular Phones
Argentina operates mostly on an AMPS or NAMPS analog system. However, Compania de Comunicaciones Personlales del Interior also operates a TDMA digital system. Check with your operator at home to see if a partnership in Argentina exists.

You can (potentially) save significant sums when calling in Albania by using one of the call back services. Fees for call back services vary widely, depending on the company and the type of service required. Be sure to check with these companies before leaving to compare rates. FAX
Fax services are becoming more prevalent throughout the country, but the poor telephone service has made sending faxes a problem. Most hotels have fax service.

Drop off all letters at post offices for best results, or at your hotel. Letters take, on average, two weeks to reach Europe and from one to two weeks to the United States. On weekdays, postal offices are open between 8a.m. and 6p.m., and on Saturdays until 1p.m. The central post office (Correo Central) is located at Sarmiento 151

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