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Personal experience at Colon Theater

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Argentina > A night at the Colon theater in Buenos Aires
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I was surprised it was only $25.00. I remember thinking that apparently culture and entertainment in Argentina is more reasonable than it is at home. A couple of years before in New York I had laid out three times as much for a seat in about the same position in a run down old theater to see Cats. The Teatro ticket itself was unimpressive, a yellow scrap of thin note paper with the needed information printed on it. It had been rolled up and stuffed into a hole on what looked like a punchboard where each hole represented on seat in the theater. I put it into my wallet and left to return that evening for the performance. That night, decked out in coat and tie, I was dropped by the cab driver on the wrong side of the theater. You would think, as the driver must have, that the main entrance was on the wide boulevard, but instead it is on the opposite side, on Avenida Corrientes, facing a little plaza. But I didn't complain, I just walked around the big building, under the glass and metal portico, and up a wide marble grand staircase to the grand entrance salon. I took one of the twin grand staircases to either side of this huge salon and went up to the second floor where another salon and the entrances to the first balcony are found. Now an usher looked at my scrap of a ticket and led me to my seat. I was surprised to find it was a very comfortable upholstered arm chair like those of the private boxes, which began immediately to the left of where I was sitting. I settled in thinking I wouldn't be worried about leg room or squirming in my seat this evening.

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