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Key destinations of Argentina

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Cuyo and the Andean Northwest offer a distinct change from the rest of Argentina. Here the visitor finds Andean peaks high puna (cold arid tableland) salares (salt lakes) rising from the lowlands of the Gran Chaco. The cities of Tucuman, Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis, La Rioja, Catamarca, Jujuy, and the western portions of Salta, Santiago del Estero, and the Gran Chaco present a range of climates supporting both the vast vineyards producing Argentina's fine wines and the ski resorts, including the upscale and popular Las Leñas. The Quebrada de Humahuaca is a popular tourist destination. Climbers and trekkers test themselves on Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas. Talampaya Canyon and Moon Valley are other popular attractions.

After Buenos Aires, the most visited parts of Argentina are in Patagonia and the Lake District. Here the famous Glaciers of Argentina draw visitors all year around. The temperate agricultural areas, mountain activities and industrial development of oil and coal deposits bring in much interest. The provinces of Neuquen, Rio Negro, Chubut and Santa Cruz enjoy a temperate climate. Peninsula Valdes, Moreno Glacier, and Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapí are the highlighted tourist destinations. The area around San Carlos de Bariloche is a year-round resort area for skiers trekkers and nature lovers. This area of Argentina is also home to the fossil remains of some of the largest Dinosaurs of South America. Paleontologists and dinosaur fans worldwide flock to this area to see the the huge 100-ton Argentinosaurus, considered by some experts to be the largest dinosaur ever recorded.

Patagonia is also a favorite with fishermen, hunters and shooters as well as environmentally inclined trekkers and wildlife observers. Historians and Wild West buffs will enjoy seeing the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid ranch. The southernmost reaches of Argentina in Tierra del Fuego attract visitors who come to see the Straits of Magellan and sail in Antartic waters. Ushuaia, Beagle Channel, Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego y la Antártida, Rio Grande and the "Train to the End of the World" are all must-sees. No matter where you go in Argentina, you'll find spectacular scenery!

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