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Important information of Argentina

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Official name: República Argentina (Argentine Republic)
Head of State: President Eduardo Duhalde (PJ) (sworn in 2 Jan 2002)
Head of government: President Eduardo Duhalde
Ruling party: Partido Justicialista (PJ) (Justicialist Party, commonly referred to as the Peronist Party)
Area: 2,766,889 square km
Population: 37.50 million (2001)
Capital: Buenos Aires
Official language: Spanish
Currency: Peso (P) = 100 centavos
Exchange rate: P3.53 per US$ (Nov 2002) (peso floated Feb 2002)
GDP per capita: US$7,169 (2001); US$2,109 (2002)
* GDP real growth: -4.50% (2001); -12.0% (2002)
* Unemployment: 16.40% (2001); 23.0% (2002)
* Inflation: -1.10% (2001); 48.0% (2002)
* Oil production: 822,000 bpd (2001)
Balance of trade: US$6.37 billion (2001); US$16.9 billion (2002)
* Foreign debt: US$170.00 billion (2001); US$185.0 billion (2002)
* Annual FDI: US$3.07 billion (2001)
* estimated figure

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