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Argentina > Period of war in Argentina: Malvinas
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This internal conflict ironically came to an end only with the emergence of a real war in the south Atlantic: the battle for the Falklands/Malvinas. General Leopold Galtieri seized the Falklands from the British to distract attention from Argentina's appalling political corruption and economic mismanagement. A British Taskforce was sent across the world and in a quick and decisive war the British were the victors. Ignominious failure at home and abroad finally sealed the fate of Argentina's military rule, and the country returned to the constitution of 1853. The current president, the Perónist Menem, has instituted economic changes - selling off nationalised industries and opening the economy to foreign investment - which have reduced inflation from 5000% to just 4%. Menem became the first Argentine president in over 40 years to win consecutive terms when he was easily re-elected in June 1995. Ownership of the Malvinas, however, remains disputed. In June 1995, the Argentine foreign minister offered to buy the islands, offering each of the 2000 islanders US$800,000 for their nationality, which was flatly refused.

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