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Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Lago Argentino

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Argentina > Vacations > John Fun's trip to Argentina

John and Judith started their trip in NY. John and Judith visited Argentina on September 2004. John contacted us with an idea for a one week trip to Argentina on mid 2004. He wanted to visit the Iguazu Falls and the southern part of the Country: "Due to hurricane Frances we had to re-route via New York so we had an extra day vacation. We stayed at the Marriott. One night, including transfers to and from cost us almost as much as our whole stay (hotels) in Argentina".

John and Judith in "El Centurion" in Iguazu. "Mi Tio Rico, a restaurant in Iguazu, was our first experience out of many for tasting argentine steaks" he told us. Views from spectacular Iguazu Falls. Below, the couple is already in Tierra del Fuego. They stayed at hotel "Los Nires". It was Judith's first time with snow (they were coming from Aruba). See Los Nires chalet style architecture. During their stay, the couple visited National Parks in the nearby area. And yes, they rode the "train to the end of the world", which used to take prisioners to a labor camp many decades ago.

My experience with Travelsur: "Over the years I have made quite a few trips but I have always made my own arrangements because I just never believed in group excursions. My vision of that was that I would be walking around in a group with a tour guide in front and us, like sheep, behind him. I prefer to roam around and explore a little. For our recent trip to Argentina I decided to include several destinations and as such, I decided to look for a travel agent who could help me, especially since the itinerary was quite extensive. So on the Internet I came across www.travelsur.net which is owned by a lady called Erna Rosenfeld.

Erna prepared an itinerary for me which included (domestic) travel arrangements, hotels and excursions in Buenos Aires, Iguazu and Ushuaia. I must say that I was very, very impressed by the quality of the hotels, the punctuality of all the tour operators in the different cities who were at every airport awaiting us with namesigns to deliver us to the hotels, pick us up at the end and deliver us back to the airport, pick up for excursions and drop off afterwards."

Beaver dams amid astonishing beauty. Beavers were imported from Canada and have become a big nuissance. A visit to Beagle Channel with its lighthouse. Patagonian Sea Lions and seals. A night at the "El Fogon" restaurant: Cordero (Lamb) on the grill, in the best *gaucho* tradition. Back in Buenos Aires, the inevitable Tango night.

John and Judith to the left. Erna and boyfriend Natalio to the right.

More commentaries from John: "Last but not least the attention given us by Erna herself. On arrival in Buenos Aires we had to make connections immediately to travel on to Iguazu and we had to transfer from the international airport to the domestic airport.

Erna picked us up herself and made it possible for us to make the connecting flight. We even had lunch together and the only way I can describe her is that she is a genuinely friendly and outgoing person.

Making use of the excursions gave us the opportunity to see the worthwhile attractions without wasting time, considering our tight schedule. I'm sure we couldn't have done it cheaper nor more efficiently had I booked these excursions myself on location. I could go on with this testimonial but I realize space is at a premium so in closing... just a few quick tips:


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