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Perito Moreno

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Club Andino Piltriquitrón operates Perito Moreno
Great skiing at EL Bolson

Ski Area Facts and Figures:

1,450m (4,755ft)
1,000m (3,280ft)
Vertical Drop:
450m (1,475ft)
November through March
1 T-Bar, 4 Surface Lifts
20% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 20% Advanced
Tickets, 1995:


Perito Moreno is a small ski area owned and operated by the Club Andino Piltriquitrón 25km (15 miles) northwest of El Bolsón. Four short tow lifts have been installed alongside the tidy main run for beginner and intermediate skiers. A modern Doppelmayr T-Bar then hauls skiers from the top of the highest tow to a point well below the rounded summit of the Pico Mayor. The thickly wooded, east-facing hill has not received an abundance of snow in the last several years, but little is needed to cover the short grass and bamboo-like caña shoots that grow on the rock-free runs. The ski area is named in honor of Francisco "Perito" Moreno, an early surveyor of the nearby borders whose profession demanded that he become one of the first Argentine skiers.


Perito Moreno climbs the eastern slope of the Pico Mayor (2,200m; 7,220ft) which lies between the Valle del Encanto and the Arroyo Perezoso. Storms approach from the west, and the ski run is set in the east-facing lee of the prevailing winds.

Skiing Tips

The tow lifts ascend the sides of the lower run that starts at the bottom of the T-Bar and ends in the parking lot. The first two ascend the left side of the tree-lined trail and carry skiers high enough to ski over to the refugio. The third lift, the longest of the four, ascends the right side of the run from the front of the lodge. Skiers must then skate back across the trail to reach the fourth and final tow lift which accesses the T-Bar. The T-Bar serves the Pista de Mario, dedicated to the memory of Mario Marqués, a Club secretary for 30 years. Beginner skiers can unload at Towers 4 or 5 and follow a road through the forest to reach the main run. The area around the T-Bar track is cleared of trees, but tall caña bushes prohibit serious skiing alongside the lift (although there is enough room to sideslip down if a skier falls). The glade areas are generally unskiable unless there is a great amount of snow. A new run is being cleared from the bottom of the Pista de Mario on the left side of the lower run and lifts. A half-day of skiing should be plenty of time for experienced skiers.

Adventure Skiing

There is no good off-piste skiing at Perito Moreno due to the thickness of the surrounding forest. Adventure skiers should hike to the refugio at Piltriquitrón and begin excursions from there. Ice climbers will find a 100m-long frozen waterfall in front of the hut for climbing adventures. The hike to the refugio is 2km of very pretty trail and offers great views of El Bolsón and the wide Valle Nuevo below. It should take no more than 30 minutes unencumbered. The Club has four other refugios in the region (the best on Cerro Lindo) which are maintained even in winter. Check at the tourist office for current information.

Information and Reservations:
In El Bolson, patagonia: El Bolson map
Club Andino Piltriquitron
Casilla 127, (8430)
Tel: (0944) 92600

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