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2003 Anastasia Deulina and Tatiana's trip

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Anastasia, Erna and Tatiana - Dec. 2004

Anastasia and her mother visited Argentina on December 2003

Anastasia contacted us a few months before her trip with the idea of visiting a few regions in Argentina. She told us she had a little over two weeks and that she hadn't taken a long vacation in quite a while so she was really looking forward to this trip. We suggested Iguazu and southern Argentina for starters and she came up with her own ideas of doing also Buenos Aires and staying at Peninsula Valdes to check out the sea lions... In other words, she wanted the whole enchilada. Following are some pictures from her trip. THANK YOU ANASTASIA FOR LETTING US USE YOUR PICS.

Anastasia and her mother spend time at Erna's home. They go to dinner together and
enjoy a Tango show. Erna and her boyfriend and Roberto spend New Year's eve with
Anastasia and Tatiana (from Russia)

Anastasia and her mom visited Usuahia and the glaciers.
A picture of the "lighthouse from the end of the world".

They also visited Iguazu Falls in Misiones State, north of Argentina. Back in Buenos Aires,
they spend another night at a Tango Show where Erna and boyfriend dance the Tango.

Anastasia takes her mom to a Gaucho show. Pictures of Estancia and gauchos.
Last pictures are from Buenos Aires at the end of their trip.

Anastasia and Tatiana have been great customers and have given us detailed feedback on how to improve what we do. They have also given Erna lots of presents, including a little russian KGB liquor bottle to Erna's boyfriend. They have become our friends and will always have a home in Buenos Aires.



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