Tierra del Fuego, is an area which has a great variety of possibilities to live an unforgettable summer. Special excursions, trekking, horse riding, sport fishing, mountain bike, journeys through unexplored sites, navigations on modern catamarans or comfortable sailing boats which will take you along the Beagle Channel, to the Cape Horn and the Antartic Continent.

But if you prefer land tours you can discover the circuits in the city knowing about the history and culture of the people, of the first habitants, the richness of the Museum of the End of the World or the Maritime Museum, the ancient convicts train of the world's southern-most city turned into an amazing tourism ride or climb close to the Martial Glacier, or visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the Escondido and Fagnano Lakes, the Harberton and Moat Ranches or go through the Heart of the Island to meet the picturesque little town called Tolhuin or the Chepelmut and Yehuin Lakes. All these excursions are plenty of an unexpected flora and fauna which you never thought to find in this region of the planet.

From may to september you will find the best conditions for the cross-country and down-hill ski, with excellent ski slopes placed in wonderful landscapes, enjoying the pleasure to ski around glaciers, high decidious forest and deep valleys. The Centro Invernal Monte Castor is the newest down-hill skiing centre in Argentina. Situated at just 15 minutes from Ushuaia city, by pavemented road. It was built at the Krund mountain, offering more and better snow conditions from may to october. The chair-lift can be reached by a new generation equipment.

After a healthy exercise you can share a typical meal, lamb barbecue, kingcrab or a chocolate, a journey on snowcats or on sledge dogs.