U.S. - Argentine Relations

The efforts of the Menem (1989-99) and De la Rua (1999-2001) administrations to open Argentina's economy and realign its foreign policy contributed to the improvement in bilateral relations, and the interests and policies of the two countries coincide on many issues.

The current close bilateral relationship was highlighted by President Clinton's visit to Argentina in October 1997 and President De la Rua's visit to Washington in June 2000. More recently, Under Secretary of State Marc Grossman noted during a visit to Buenos Aires in early 2002 that Argentina is an important friend, ally, and partner of the United States, emphasizing that the relationship goes beyond the economic and financial sphere.

Reflecting the nature of the partnership, the Secretary of State Colin Powell and the Argentine Foreign Minister have met on several occasions to discuss issues of mutual concern. Additionally, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Argentine Ministry of Defense hold an annual Bilateral Working Group Meeting, alternating between Argentina and Washington D.C.