Trout Fishing

Trout fishing in Patagonia, Argentina and Chile, runs from November 15 through April 15. During these summer months, the weather is very moderate, the days are long, and the fish are plentiful brown, rainbow, and brook trout are abundant throughout this time of year.

Brown Trout
The fish easily adapted to the cold lakes and rivers that were filled by the glaciers and snow filled Andes Mountains. The large availability of insects in and out of the water and as well as small native fish contributed to the successful adaptation into the lakes and rivers. This colorful and feisty fish can provide exciting fishing. It can be a strong, ferocious fighter and a challenge to any experience fly fishing enthusiasts.

Rainbow trout
is from the Salmonidae family and has a reputation as a hard fighting and challenging game fish. Since the introduction of this fish to the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina in the early 1900's, the rainbow as well as the brown trout flourished in the lakes, streams and rivers. With the snow covered Andes Mountains creating plenty of fresh water for the fish and the plentiful food supply in the rivers and lakes, the rainbow has grown and become one of the fishing favorites of the region.