The Virgin of Lujan Legend

About 1630 a troop of carts was crossing the Lujan lands. Suddenly, one of the carts stopped and all efforts of the drovers to make the animals move were useless. To lessen the load, they took off an image of the Immaculate Conception made of clay.

The oxen then started to walk again. They put the image in its place again and the oxen stopped once more, the strange event happened several times. That was taken as an announcement from God for the Sacred Image, whose destination was Sumampa, Santiago del Estero, to be left in the village. So it was done, for the happiness of a black skinned little boy called Manuel whose job was to guard the image all the way from Brazil. Her veneration began at that moment, and at her altar all our heroes, at the beginning of their fights for the national independence, asked for protection. Manuel Belgrano may have been her greatest devout.

The Virgin of Lujan, whose sanctuary is settled in Lujan city, a few kilometers away from Buenos Aires, attracts the faith and devotion of the most part of the argentine people and even from the neighboring countries.