The Seibo Flower Legend

Anahi was the ugliest Indian girl of a warrior and indomitable tribe, but her voice had the most beautiful sounds. Her humble hut was settled next to the restless Paraná River. She was caught in one of the frequent Indian attacks, and one night she was condemned to die burnt in a fire for having killed the guardian who watched her. The horrible sentence was fulfilled and when the flames had begun to kiss her body, something very strange happened.

The executioners ran away terrified as they saw the delicate figure and the tree to which it was tied up shake in a way they had never seen before. The next morning the Indians did not find any trails of the fire but instead there was a huge tree with purple flowers in its bare branches standing in the place. The Seibo tree and its flower, which represented the Indian girl and her tribe, had been born.

It is said to be the sad and lonely flower of veneration, and in it a hidden tenderness is beating. The soul of Anahi, the ugly queen of a sweet voice, lives in the Seibo Flower.