The Guitar Legend

Hilario lived in his "rancho" (shack), isolated from any Indian village. He had the loneliness as only companion. Melancholic dawn and dusk saw that lonely "gaucho" who did not hear more than the deep music of the woods, the frightening quietude of the plain and the invading grief of the country with its horizon of sky and land. From times to times he would go over the far villages hoping to find the companion he dreamed about. That companion who joins the man’s life to share his efforts, his fights and hopes. That companion who is sought as comfort, as strength, united as "water in the stones, as cactuses in the hill, as the moon tries to find in the sky the routes of the gods who left the earth."

One day he met Rosa, the most beautiful and elegant girl of the near village. From that moment the dark nights of the "gaucho" turned bright, lightened up by the woman that he loved.

Hilario lived happily with his companion in his "rancho" settled in the middle of the silent wood. Life had changed: dusk was a dreamer, the wind blew gently at night, continuously talking to the leaves as the moaning of a village song. But, the same as every good thing in live, it could not last. One morning Hilario left Rosa alone to go to a near village. They said good-bye without thinking that that bright morning would be the last, Amuray, an Indian Chief, had fallen in love with Rosa but he had been rejected. The Indian saw that the woman of his dreams loved another man. Amuray, resentful and vindictive, decided to kidnap Rosa, and so he was continuously lying in wait. He had the opportunity that day, with Hilariorsquos absence.

In the evening the "gaucho" came back anxious for his companion’s caresses, without thinking of the cruel surprise that was waiting for him.
He found the "rancho" empty. In the yard there were fresh signs of desperate fight and a horse’s track to the path. Imagining what had happened he rushed desperately in pursuit of Amuray, until he finally got him. The fight was fierce. But at last, the brave "gaucho" could take the captive from the arms of the Indian who twisted up in the middle of the way being about to die. But the unhappy "gaucho" did not recover more than a lifeless body.

Rosa had died in the fight. Desperate he held the loved body in his arms, sobbing and calling her. The night came full of grief. Hilario fell asleep with his head inclined over the loved face. At daybreak he woke from his deep dream with the music of mysterious notes and he found in his arms a box of a woman shape instead of his companion’s body. With her he sang all his life the memory of his beloved. Because of this the guitar will always be a companion of pains and sorrows.