The Argentinean Businessman

Due to the fact in general Argentina is a bureaucratic country, the Argentinean businessman takes his time at the hour of concluding a deal. Before signing a final contract it is reckoned that each part can be renegotiated. For Argentines in general personal relations are much more important than corporate relations, for this they tend to find a friendship at the time of establishing a deal or business.

This leads their conversations to be about subjects like, soccer and present situations or events before entering completely on the deal or contract. Business meals are common, they are carried out in restaurants regularly at night. Greetings are carried out by stretching out your hand and lightly inclining your head, the same goes for men as in women; Nevertheless don't be surprised if you see men greeting with a kiss on the cheek when they are friends or good acquaintances.

Different from other countries in Latin America the argentine possesses an assured or more confident personality in where negotiations is less formal and direct. When speaking with one another it's common to use vos and not usted.