Security in the City

In general the cities in Argentina are very safe. In Buenos Aries for example it is possible to walk through the streets until late hours in to the night without danger. Unfortunately the economical crisis has sunken the country and lately it has affected the security of the country, therefore it is custom for beggars to come up to tourist with much insistence and bad habit of asking for money. In this case it is best to ignore them and move away from that area. As a basic precaution, it is recommended to appear unnoticed, don't carry objects of value or keep them hidden instead. Try to walk with a companion at night, and avoid dark areas or places with little or no crowds. Watch for pickpockets and pay attention to valuables e.g. cameras and handbags, in general avoid risky situations.

Lately theft has gone up with violence in homes, abductions in taxis and assaults on the streets. To avoid this type of risk pay attention to the vehicle you are boarding, try to memorize the license plate number, look directly at the driver and seek in finding (radiotaxi) companies that are well established.

Smaller cities and towns in Argentina are used to being more tranquil, the people are attentive, keen to help and friendly with tourist.