It was given this name to an oblong piece of cloth of 75 to 85 cm of side, made of a light fabric or silk, either printed or plain, but always very colorful.

It was used for different purposes and according to the use it had a different name: "Serenero": The scarf covered one’s head and it was tied up under the chin, always worn under the hat. This way they used to protect their head, ears and nape from the rain, the sun, cold or dew.

"Vincha": the gaucho folded the scarf and fastened his hair (usually in a plait or ponytail) tying it up behind the head.

"Golilla": To go out, to go to the "pulpería" or for farming tasks on foot, the gaucho wore the scarf around his neck, just as an ornament, covering shoulders and back.