Rio Grande

Tierra del Fuego attracts fishermen from everywhere due to the great number and quality of trout living in the rivers around. It is possible to try a highly qualified fishing, making sure you will have a fully sportive day.

Rainbow Trout: small head, lengthened body, its colour makes it showy, bluish or greenish on the flanks and with a silver belly. In the middle of its sides it has a purple stripe and all its body is splashed by dark spots.

Brook Trout: it has a greenish-brown colour with light and red specks on its back and the upper part of its head, its belly is rosy-white. Due to the typical pink colour of its meat it is called 'salmon trout' or simple 'salmon'.

Brown Trout: it is the most common of all, coming from Europe. It is the wildest one, defending its territory aggressively. The biggest trout belong to this species: it weighs up to 11 kg. It's brown and golden, with a yellowish white belly. It has dark spots on the back and red dots with a grey circle on the flanks.