Peuma-Hue Ranch

Peuma-Hue is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, in the Northern Patagonia Lake District, at the southern end of Gutiérrez Lake, only 35 minutes south from the town of Bariloche and 45 minutes from its international airport.

Main House: 4 DWB Guest House: 4 DWB Cabin: for 3 persons

Numerous waterfalls and creeks, mountain trails and dirt roads, forests and the lake, steep granite walls and valley trails enable all type of outdoor activities to take place within the property and surrounding areas. A network of trails leads to distant peaks, rivers, lakes, valleys and ridges. This is why many prestigious adventure races chose Peuma Hue grounds as part of their challenges: Eco Challenge ´99, Raid Gauloise, Discovery Kids, Peugeot 2001, to mention just some.

During Summer:
- trekking
- kayaking in the lake
- horseback riding
- fly fishing
- rock climbing
- mountain biking
- river rafting and kayaking in close by Manso River
- golf and tennis nearby, at the north shore of Lake Gutiérrez
- or just reading and relaxing under a tree.

During Winter
- snowshoeing
- ice climbing
- trekking
- crosscountry skiing
- ice skating at nearby Toncek Lagoon
- alpine skiing at nearby Catedral skiing resort

Peuma Hue… "Place of Dreams" in native Mapuche language.

To the north and front of the main house there is a long, deep glacial valley filled by the blue waters of Gutiérrez Lake and the unique emerald-green to turquoise waters of Peuma Hue bay. To the west and close to the house, the rugged granite walls of the D´Agostini peak drop steep into the valley, filling the area with the energy only sacred places provide. To the east, the rolling hills of an ancient range soothe souls with harmony and balance. To the south, the Continental Divide valley, divides waters into the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Most of our buildings are on the Continental Divide valley floor, 2500 ft above sea level, crossed by a mountain stream that flows into the lake; the mountain cabin and chapel are up the slope.

The main house was designed to maximize the exposure to each vista. It has 4 luxury rooms with private bathrooms and a spacious living room and dining room overlooking the lake. Down the road is a small, cozy and romantic log cabin, with its fireplace overlooking the creek. Across the bridge and overlooking the lakefront is the guest house with 4 more bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, a living room and dining room. A boat house (also used as a spacious and comfortable board room), two more log cabins for staff and caretakers, a carpentry studio, a barn, a chapel, the stables and pasture grounds, a greenhouse and a native plant nursery and garden complete the inhabited area. A mile away and 600 ft up the steep D´Agostini slope, an enchanted mountain log cabin overlooks the lake and facing rolling hills. From there, wonderful wilderness awaits for those eager to enjoy it. Our water quality and purity, periodically tested, exceeds the best commercial standards. It comes from the mountain and is taken from deep underground sheets of water insuring the natural filtering and mineralization processes.

The Guest House. Just 250 yards from the main house, across a hanging bridge, is the guest house. With the same comfort of the main house, in a relatively smaller size, it has a full capacity of 8 guests in 4 double bedrooms with private bathrooms. A large living and dining room with a cozy stone fireplace offers superb views over the lakefront. Open to the kitchen and divided by a bar, it allows vistas over the Continental Divide valley as well. Two bedrooms on the ground floor, each decorated in its own style, overlook the lakefront and the rugged granite wall of the D´Agostini mountain. The charm of old original furniture or iron furniture made at the ranch carpentry offer a distinctive ambiance. On the upper floor, one of the rooms overlook the Continental Divide valley, the ranch stable and arena. The master bedroom overlooks the lakefront and has a charm of its own with its cozy fireplace and wooden floor.

The Creek Cabin. This was the sole building on the property when the place was bought. Beautifully recycled and decorated, this cozy log cabin has a huge stone fireplace with windows at its sides overlooking the creek and the Continental Divide valley behind. The two lateral windows offer views to the rolling hills to the east and to the creek and the D´Agostini to the west. It consists of a large studio with 2 beds and a bar dividing the room from the kitchen. Although this cabin is ideally for 2 guests, it has a loft to accommodate 3 children on mattresses.

The Mountain Cabin. There are more surprises to this enchanted land. 600 ft up the D´Agostini slope, with exhilarating views over the lake below, facing hills and the Continental Divide valley to the south, this cabin is placed in a dream location. At its back, a narrow, deep canyon boasts 5 wonderful waterfalls amid a primeval forest of cypress and southern beech "coihue" and "lenga" trees.
With a capacity of 6 guests, the cabin has 2 double bedrooms, an upper loft with 2 more beds, 1 bathroom and a living room with a large stone fireplace. Large windows allow wonderful vistas all around, even from its bathroom and kitchen. Have a snack any time during the day at the front overhanging wooden deck, watching the lake. It opens from December 2002 onwards and will be closed in winter.

The Board Room. Conceived first as the boat house for our dinghy, duckies, kayaks and sea kayaks, this large building has been beautifully built to also accommodate executive group meetings. With a capacity of 50 people or more, it can be comfortably arranged to meet business needs. It has a bathroom and snack facilities and its windows overlook the lakefront, the valley behind and the D´Agostini peak. It can also accommodate large parties and celebrations.

The Chapel. Built to enable people from different religions to have a secluded space for their worship or meditation, this multi-belief chapel is located on a sliding slope at the foot of the D´Agostini granite wall with views over the Peuma Hue bay. An ideal setting for weddings and celebrations.

At home and surrounding areas.
Within the property. Learn about the forests walking our interpretative nature trails. A number of trekking trails take to different waterfalls, cross primeval forests, border the lake and lead to a huge network of hiking trails in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, allowing long multi-days treks using the Park mountain huts. You can hike from our front door to the Frey valley, with its vertical needles offering world famous rock climbing.
You can either drive or take a 2-day trek or horseback ride from Peuma Hue to Mt Tronador, the highest peak in the area, with its eight glaciers hanging from its flanks. First class whitewater rafting or kayaking is available in rivers close by. In winter, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice skating in the frozen lagoon at Frey are reachable from home. Ice climbing is possible in one of our waterfalls. Mt. Catedral, one of the best skiing resorts in South America, is only 40 minutes away from Peuma Hue.
All these activities are accessible to different ages and levels of training and expertise. A group of first class professional guides work with us assisting our guests in each activity, as requested. Peuma Hue is an ideal location to visit the surrounding areas. The area is full of charm during all seasons. Fall gifts us with striking colours ranging from yellow to dark burgundy. Deciduous nothofagus forests of "lenga" and "ñire" trees cover the mountains in red. Poplars turn Peuma Hue lawn yellow. Mt Catedral is a world class skiing resort in winter. The melting snow and fast running waters are the delight of river runners in spring, when wild flowers carpet the ground.
The Patagonia Lake District attracts anglers from all over the world for trout and salmonide fly fishing. Summer offers all its splendor for every outdoor activity you wish to do. Mountain biking, paragliding, renowned fly fishing, water skiing, sailing, backpacking, ice climbing, rock climbing, hiking, trekking, horseback riding, river and lake scuba diving, golf and tennis are just some of the activities this wonderful area has to offer and that we can organize for your pleasure.