Parrillada Mixta del Mar

Not for delicate appetites, these mixed grills are hard to resist

No matter where you travel in Latin America, you'll find grilled meat, carne asada, on the menu. Seafood and poultry are also grilled at parrillas, restaurants specializing in grilled foods.

Particularly popular in Argentina and Colombia, the mixed grill called Parrillada Mixta can be any combination of meats and poultry. In Brazil, the churrascaria rodizio is tremendously popular. Rather than ordering a set combination of meats, diners select from the grilled meats brought around the restaurant on large skewers. When they can eat no more, they turn their table token from the yes to the no side.

A Parrillada Mixta del Mar is a mixed seafood grill served with garlic butter or Tartar sauce.