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Bob Frassinetti
New member
Username: Frassinetti

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Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 - 12:27 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Auction Tours for Art & Antiques in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Topic: Auction Tour for Antiques

Auctions in Buenos Aires are a great option for collectors, antique dealers and gallery owners from around the globe.

The fact that Latin American art is growing worldwide in terms of prestige and acceptance is clear to us all. During the late 90s it was Christie’s auction house the pioneer who saw the market evolution line in the world of Latin American Art, antiques and collectibles. Back then the major and oldest auction house in the world and Argentina’s finest and most traditional auction house Naon, joined ventures to work in the local market. Since then, several auctioneers from around the globe began to work in the country. Sotheby’s owns an auction house in Buenos Aires, working very well. Local auctioneers such as Arroyo Gallery, Roldan, Bullrich, Banco Ciudad auctions, Sarachaga –just to mention some- are working strongly in the local and international scene.

The fact that Argentine and Latin American artists are highly appreciated world wide together with the fact that Argentina beholds a rich collection of consecrated European and American artists, makes of this place a really appealing market for art lovers and dealers from all over the planet.
Since Christie’s first auctions of Latin American for 2.5 million dollars in the early 1980s to the record sales in 1994 with 28 million dollars in auctions, the Latin Art is growing.

In November 1996, Antonio Berni, Argentine painter of great name opened the world market for native artists, when he sold his “The immigrants” painting for over half a million dollars.

This week, Sotheby’s monthly bulletin reads: “Sotheby's year-end total for Latin American Art reached a record $28,263,000 - the highest amount of any auction house in the history of the field. Buoyed by the excellent quality of the works on offer, along with realistic estimates and an ever-widening group of buyers, the market for Latin American Art clearly increased its strength in 2005. From Colonial to Contemporary Art, from South to North America, this year's total set records that point to deep international interest across the wide range of movements and artists that comprise the overall Latin American Art market”.

To buyers around the globe, Latin American auction houses are appearing more appealing by the minute, not only for the broader of the options, but also for the favorable exchange rates with European and American currencies.

All in all, buying art and antiques in South America and Argentina in particular isn’t free of rules and paperwork to handle. There are specific regulations to follow, licenses are required and know how involved in acquiring and exporting art.

Art dealer has a specialized team that handles everything in terms of art, collectibles and antiques auctions, and shopping, hunting and customized touring services. The planning begins before you arrive to the city, with conversations, directions and market research of the style, art and antiques you’re looking for. From the minute you arrive to Buenos Aires we handle everything from picking you up in the airport, hotel reservations, auctions scheduling, hunts to off the path markets and fairs, discounts, shipping and handling all the paper work regarding the exporting of the works.
This is a great opportunity to work with and take advantage, but the best way to take the most out of it is by planning and working in advance.

So if you are looking to buy art, antiques or collectibles from Buenos Aires, Argentina, then check this my web cam for all kinds of items, I can show you my office and any item LIVE, and for more information: Contact me See "artdealer_ar" profile on Yahoo, I'm online now!:You can chat with me using Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Email : Bob Frassinetti.
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Unregistered guest
Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2006 - 2:00 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Hello Mr. Frassinetti, my friend and I are looking for just ordinary objects from Argentina and Equitorial Guinnea to do a class presentation in our advanced Spanish class. We are not as cultured in art as yourself, however, we would greatly appreciate if you could help direct us to any store or flea markets that might carry art or artifacts from these countries. My e-mail is We really appreciate your site and your time. Muchisimas Gracias!

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Bob Frassinetti
New member
Username: Frassinetti

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Posted on Friday, April 21, 2006 - 2:12 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Hi, thanks for your post... What kind of objects are you looking for from these countries any idea? If you are here in BA, then a Flea market to go to would be San Telmo, you will find plenty of Gaucho stuff that’s some thing typical of Argentina, Gauchos our South American Cowboy. As to Equatorial Guinea items, that’s a hard one! Give me a lead to what kind of class presentation is that which you're dealing with, is it high school level? And please feel free to email me directly …Cheers from lovely BA, Bob Frassinetti. Art & Antique Dealer.
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Bob Frassinetti
New member
Username: Frassinetti

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Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - 11:07 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Up date on Buenos Aires Bob Frassinetti & Lonely Planet

Good news to all our readers and friends! Lonely planet’s latest 4 th edition has come out and has recommended me to all as a tourist services, so we are know listed in both Argentina and Buenos Aires Guide Books.. I'm very happy about being mentioned and I hope this is a good tip for travellers coming to Buenos Aires –or any other Argentine location-… As I’ve been doing so far, I’ll share our insider’s point of view, tips and all information the visitor might need… And for those who want more, I also offer a customized tourist service, specially tailored to fit each and every one’s needs of interest and passion.

Please feel free to contact me. I'm here to help you! More information on our personal tours: Art Dealer "personal" shopper in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bob Frassinetti

on the road Highway 40 North west Argentina
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Bob Frassinetti
New member
Username: Frassinetti

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Posted on Wednesday, June 07, 2006 - 3:43 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

All inclusive toy hunting and accommodation in Buenos Aires, with Bob Frassinetti.....

Travelling to Argentina has become one of the hottest vacations ever. This wonderful country has much to offer to its visitors who choose this southern location to relax and enjoy the best of Latin America at a very much European styled city. Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city has always been the place where all the trends converge from Europe and the States and are adapted to the Latin American market. Toy collectors very well know about this, for Argentinean toys of renamed international brands are one of a kind item for many of them have been slightly altered to the taste of Latin Americans though keeping the original features. All and all for many decades Argentina was the chosen location for multinational firms to set a local branch of their companies working together with native firms to produce all sorts of toys: Barbie, G.I.Joe, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Diecast toy cars, He-Man, are just some of the toys that had been locally produced. Together with them, local companies developed native versions of worldly treasured toys. It's impossible to avoid the importance of Argentina within the world of toy collectibles.

For all those toy collectors there's a perfect vacation in Buenos Aires. During the days you will be here in BA, you can come and stay at one of BA's most beautiful Bed and Breakfast at a room specially decorated for you as a personal show room with all those vintage toys you love so much. Your home for the days you choose will be furnished with 100% original vintage toys and objects. This is not just a theme hotel, but a custom made room specially arranged to your delight and passion. The selection of the objects for the room is personally handled by the team of specialists of the Buenos Aires Toy Museum which is internationally acknowledged for its work within the antique toy world -research works on each and every item in the Museum as well as a great job in the toys' conservation.

Each of the daily activities is planned in advance with you in order to plan the trip of your dreams. We'll hunt down those one of a kind toys through off the path markets in Buenos Aires as well as visiting renamed markets and fairs where thanks to our work during the past 6 years we've developed contacts with fellow collectors and specialists that are constantly working in the vintage toy quest. Those local companies we've talked about before are not regularly open for public, but for we've been working together with them in order to recuperate and systematize the history of Argentinean toys we'll take you on location to see the fabulous dream makers in action; or visit some of those firms that are now out of business but the company has been kept intact after they shut down production.

And, also thanks to our daily work for the last few years we've contacted and interviewed some of the most important toy entrepreneurs of the country -such as Buby, Muky, and many others- with which, if planned in advance we could arrange personal interviews, with the minds behind the objects.

During your stay in Buenos Aires you'll be able to enjoy the best of the Argentinean cuisine and culture.

These custom made tours for toys collectors are personally handled by the art and antique dealer, Bob Frassinetti who's a specialist in the subject and knows very well the vintage toy world of Buenos Aires. Your BA stay, all inclusive vintage toys tours through one of the world's most beautiful and interesting cities is just the perfect choice for those collectors who enjoy life and its pleasures.

If your partner, with whom you enjoy so much travelling together, does not share your passion for vintage toys, this is no longer an obstacle for each of you to enjoy a wonderful vacation without the need of sacrificing your passion. We acknowledge the fact that people have different interests so there's no need for one of them to do something he or she doesn't care much for. That's why we arrange custom made tours for each traveller, for those who love toys and those who whish to come to relax and enjoy the Glamour and Luxury of Buenos Aires, its sophisticated stores, high class spas and amazing cultural alternatives. Some of the activities can be arranged to be done separately though some others together so each of you enjoy the best this city has to offer.

Contact me for details, Bob Frassinetti.
Art & antique dealer from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Posada "El Antiguo Almacen" Bed & Breakast.
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Bob Frassinetti
Junior Member
Username: Frassinetti

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Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - 4:25 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

My personal experience on the Big Island of Chiloe

From Chile's Mainland paradises to its insular magic and heaven: A trip to Chiloe

Riding the ferry that links Chile's mainland with the Great Island of Chiloe

is just an amazing experience. However, if it's raining when you do so, the journey becomes a religious experience. Raindrops altering the crystalline peacefulness of the Pacific Ocean emerald waters, prepare the scenario for a

brilliant spectacle of sea wolves swimming by the edge of the ship, along them, an underwater forest of yellowish seaweeds that simulate an endless mermaid hair, provide the finishing touches of a mind blowing picturesque experience.

Ancud bay is our port of arrival. The landscape there resembles to nothing I've ever seen in South America , and I have travelled a lot.

It's just a "bit like England" within the "New World". Yes, one thing in
common to Chiloe, is English weather of Chiloe. Its much like being at home,
I lived in the UK and getting there made me feel a bit home sick ...... So I
feeling very much at home for the whole time I was staying on the Island,
full of fields and cows grazing, land worked for the hay, small pkots with
very green hedges......

So one can say that Chiloe is famous, however, for a few more things that
you don't have in England, the food, the people, the wooden churches, small
villages plenty pf villages across the island.

Ancud is a gorgeous bay where the social spot par excellence is the Port,
the place where local people work, gather for a drink or to chat and enjoy a
wonderful view, and specially the best place to eat some
of the local treats. As the evening began to cape the blue-gray sky the
rainy day had left us with, we sat at a table -that would soon become our
regular table- to enjoy a treat of local fish and a wonderful Chilean White

As the evening went on, the sky mutated into a deep bluish black lightened
by millions of bright stars and a full moon casting its light over the port
area turned those deep waters silver. We headed back to our hotel, the day
was exhausting and we wanted to enjoy the early morning light for our day

The next morning, under a fine rain we woke up and got ready to go and visit

the Island's lighthouse. Christened Faro Corona -Crown Lighthouse-, this
construction is some 2 hours car drive from the center of the city. The ride

is just as amazing as the lighthouse itself. It's amazing how gorgeous the
scenario is in this island. I just can't seem to get over its surprising

After a couple of days of total relaxation and nature bonding in Ancud, we
leave this heavenly town for another gorgeous location: Castro.

Castro is not only a small very interesting city but also the Island's
capital. Along the Bay front there are famous local constructions are made
atop "palafitos" (pillars), which is a very interesting way to live and work
together with the constant tide movement, which if not addressed properly
would make life very complicated with constant floods.

Walking throughout Castro makes me recall upon my days -back in the 60s- in
Guyana where I used to live at the time it has a Welsh feel to it, may be
because of the intense green hills and constant rain which might make them
share a similar magic.

Without a doubt I find Castro to be a wonderful lost in time spot. I'm
enjoying already its treats.

There's an amazing way in which Castro has managed to blend the old and the
new, its traditions and spectacular insular architecture with the edgy
proposal of the Museum of Modern Art located in Castro's municipal park add
an extra flavor to this gorgeous town of multicolor houses atop wooden
pillars, wonderful Jesuit churches and spectacular cuisine.

Talking of which, our night out in town was a total success: we enjoyed a
superbly well prepared Pisco Sour, the national drink of Chile, with our
treats of Seafood: Abalones with Mayonnaise (Locos con Mayo) which is one of

Chile's national dishes, and it's done with exceptional quality and
expertise and fried Congrio- Conger Eel fish, also a local delicatessen.

During our stay in Castro we enjoyed daily great treats of the Chilean and
Insular cuisine, specially their traditional seafood dishes which we adored.

The days to follow will find us in Gorgeous Chonchi. Like all our previous
stops, this location has that fisherman-peasant insular feel to the town,
atop with an extra flair added because of the intense mapuche culture

Our visit to the national Park of and the Pacific coast was very special,
the icing of the cake was the outstanding sunset we got to enjoy at the
peer: The ocean was gorgeously decorated with many Salmon Fishing boats of
the local fishermen as the sun hid we chose to enjoy a portside dinner in
our favorite table, with our favorite drink: Pisco sour and try one of the
local specialties: sea soup, which is a rich fish and seafood dish.

Following the southern stretch of the Pan American route #5 Chonchi is a
truly must. Nice and quiet, Chonchi is the main gate to the great lake area
which we happily explored and discovered to be outstanding.

Queilen was our briefest stop, we only spent a day of
Sightseeing the beaches and bay and peacefulness walking along its beaches
for hours and hours,
visiting it's cute and small and rather not interesting lighthouse but
enjoying some time alone with the silence of Nature's beauties.

Quellon, via Chonchi, was our last stop before returning to Chilean
mainland. an immense Salmon fishing port though a tiny town, very
picturesque and nice. An important port that also servers as an entrance or
exit to the Island and a door to the extreme south Patagonia of
Chile......... I will as time permits carry on giving suggestions and ideas
to some of the places I visited or have heard about as time permits me. As
my conclusion for this Big Island of Chiloe, is a place to get back to and
enjoy before the said progress of prosperity arrives...... Cheers to you all
and I hope I have been of some help, Bob Frassinetti. Buenos Aires,

Chiloe Chile
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Bob Frassinetti
Username: Frassinetti

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Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 4:43 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Bob Frassinetti, art and antique dealer and free lance journalist photographer from Argentina, Buenos Aires, working on the web, writing both for pleasure and work on art, antiques and collectibles, in and on Buenos Aires, Argentina as well are neighbouring countries, Chile and Uruguay. "I've written for several Travel Adventure, Art & Antiques Magazines on and off the web and have researched Toys made in Argentina, as well as Travel Adventure along Route 40, Dakar Rally 2009, to adventure travel in the south of South America" Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009.

For everything on Art & Antiques as well as Travel Information for Buenos Aires and Argentina contact Bob Frassinetti

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