MENDOZA is 1037 kms from Buenos Aires. Mendoza is a neat and clean city with tree lined streets and 400 kms of irrigation canals. One of the country´s best known winter sports center is the resort of Valle de Las Leñas, with 40 slopes totalling 63 kms for alpine, nordic and extreme skiing. The base of the station is at 2.256 ms and its maximum height is 3430 mt.

There are other ski areas at beautiful Los Penitentes and Vallecitos. Adventure tourism : hang gliding in the mountains, canoeing and windsurfing in the reservoirs and lagoons and rafting in Mendoza, Diamante and Atuel rivers. Famous wine cellars. Grape harvest is held towards the end of February or beginning of March. Thermal spas in Cacheuta, El Challao and Los Molles.

Aconcagua (6959) is the highest mountain in the Americas and the western hemisphere. Very popular with mountain climbers, due to several recent accidents, there is now stricter control. The statue of Cristo Redentor marks the frontier between Argentina and Chile and there is a tunnel linking with neighboring Chile. Other places of interest are the Cueva de las Brujas, the Laguna de Llancanelo and the volcanic region of Payún Matrú, Uspallata and Puente del Inca.