Los Coritos Ranch

Location: Avellaneda - Córdoba Province

Distance from Buenos Aires 680 kms. from Buenos Aires 70 kms. from Córdoba city By plane: 1,10 hs.+ 55 min. by car. By car: 9 hs. By bus: 11 hs.

Lodging:: 7 double rooms each one with bathroom in suite. Saloons: 3 for 50 persons each one

Activities: Cavalcades, trekking, fauna watching, stroll along nearby places for tourism Optionals: Hunting, fishing, golf.

A Spanish man coming from Galicia to make the America purchased Los Coritos ranch (hills, in indigenous language), in 1918. His name was Manuel Dopazo and was mayor of Dean Funes for two periods. Healso owned a big general store.

In 1920, he ordered the construction of the Portuguese baroque architectonic styled main building, in fashion in the country then. It is characterized by multicolor paintings with figures and ribs, as if they were majolica. In the beginning, the ranch was of 3,600 hectares. Now it is of 1,000 hectares: 400 of farms and 600 of mountain ranges and slops.

Corn, soy and alfalfa for pasture are cultivated in the farms, whilst natural pasture for breeding cattle in the mountains. You can appreciate rural tasks such as sowing, harvesting, cattle branding, etc.

You can also visit some of the near museums, such as the Ischilin little town, with a XVII century church; the Fernando Fader's museum, who lived in that town at a ten minute distance from the ranch; the Tulumba little town, with its church looking like a town of the times of the colony; Santa Catalina, the only Jesuit private monument; the Sobremonte Museum at Jesus Maria, the knives museum and the Caroya large house. All these places belonged to the great Jesuit ranch mainly devoted to both the breeding of mules for the army and the manufacture of knives.