Juan Geronimo Ranch

Location: Verónica - Province of Buenos Aires

Distance from Buenos Aires: 165 Km. By private plane: 30 min.. By car: 1 hs. By bus: 2 hs.

Lodging: 8 rooms with 6 bathrooms

Activities: Horseback riding, carriages, trekking, birdwatching, rural tasks, football,swimming pool, boats, photosafaris

Starting the XX century, Juan Gerónimo a ranch of 4.000 has, was born. It is located 165 km. away from the Capital Federal and not more than 2 hours trip along the new highway.

In the main house we can find real works of art, colonial furniture, and also Pre- Colombinian Huaco's pieces.

Natural reservation of the Southern Coastal park declared by the UNESCO.

The ranch overlooks the San Borombón bay where there's very good fishing. Exclusive horse rides around the sand banks, where you can find crabs, lagoons and more than 6 km, Real common woodpecker, common cadinal, big Bunting. he diversity of local species such as: "Cisne de cuello largo", "Pato overo" "Pato Picazo", "Gallineta Comun", "Gallito de agua", "Carpintero Real Común", "Cardenal Común", "Calandria Grande", etc. Seeing the Axis deers, walking around the stay peacefully is very enjoyable.

In the afternoon, after playing a good paddle game, there's nothing more attractive than watching the sunset, having a delightful drink in the garden. In the summer the pool invites you to swim.

For you convinience, you may reach the place by private plane or helicopter; because the ranch has a runway.