The gaucho adapted this universally worn article of clothing, calling it in different ways according to its uses and shapes.

1) The "chambergo" or "gacho": Soft hat, made of wool or felt. It has a broad brim and regular crown. It was worn by the peasant on horse,

2) The "panza de burra" (belly of the she-donkey): It was called like this because it was made of the leather of the belly of these animals. This hat is a legacy of the carriers’ culture. It was worn in Spanish America, from Mexico to Chile during the XVIII and XIX centuries.

3) The white hat of Cuzco: Short-brimmed, with a round crown made of the wool of the llama or white vicuna.

4) The "pajillas"(Panama hat): Hat made of straw from Ecuador or Panama. It has broad or narrow brim and tall or short crown, with a silk chinstrap. Ideal for the summer.

5) The hat of Pisón or "Frigio" commonly known as "sleeve hat": It was a hat made of wool or cloth in the shape of a conic tube, worn by gauchos and suburban peasants, from the end of the XVIII century until the middle of the XIX century.