Gaucho Word

The word "gaucho" was used in the regions of the River Plate, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil,(although there the word is gaúcho) to name the horse riders of the planes or "pampas", who kept cattle. The origin of this word is not very clear. "Guahu-che" is the most popular one and means "people who sings sadly"; it comes form araucano and denotes melancholy.

The ‘gaucho’ is the fruit of the mixture of Spanish and aborigine blood; he started to create his own personality in the primitive vaquerías of the colonies. There he learned the tasks connected to cattle rising with a singular skill and founded his body to his inseparable friend: the horse. He spends most of the time on horseback, that is why he hates agriculture, since he must be standing all day long. His indomitable value made him the bases of the South American Independence. He was a shepherd in times of peace and a soldier in times of war. The big area of the "pampas"planes finally moulds his conduct.

He is very free, of simple habits and leads a wandering life. That freedom which he faces his life with brings back to him a lot of misfortunes. He was excluded for a long time, but as time passes by he was popularly accepted and the word gaucho is now synonym of uprightness and nobility of heart.