Polo Season - Polo lessons

By Estani Robledo Puch from El Rincon de Polo

DATES OF THE ARGENTINE OPEN , Tortugas Open and Hulingham Open are:

Tortugas 27 Sept to 15 Oct
Hurlingham 18 Oct to 5 Nov
Argentine Open 19 Nov to 10 Dec

Guests enrolled in the polo school will benefit from lessons in both theory and practice. A typical day starts off with an individual lesson and stick and ball as well as a formal game each afternoon.

Week of Polo

The seasons of El Rincon are the following:

High Season October-December US$ 1,800 weekly (7 days)
Low Season February-March US$ 1,400 weekly (7 days)

Should you plan on staying for a longer period of time or wish to make reservations for a larger group, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding alternative pricing.

Prices Include:
- daily private polo lessons
- four chukkers, six times a week (this means that you will play every day)
- stick and ball
- accommodation at the house
- traditional Argentine meals; including breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as appetizers, and beverages
- laundry service
- airport transfers
- tickets to the Polo Open (if in season)

Life at the Ranch "El Rincon"

El Rincon del Polo is located in Opendoor, a town 30 minutes outside of the Buenos Aires, and is now considered the new "mecca" of world polo.

Opendoor is extremly active during the high polo season, with more than 30 polo clubs and over 80 polo fields. The small town unites the natural landscapes of the Argentine Pampas with the tranquility of farm life, with a comfortable distance from the busy capital city. It's location allows visitors the possibility to stick and ball, and play a few "chukkers" during the day, and then head off to Palermo (in Buenos Aires) to watch a game at the Argentine Open and enjoy the restaurants and night life of one of Latin America's most exciting cities.

El Rincon del Polo Club & School boasts two polo fields and is home to over 50 Argentine polo horses. The School is also equipped with two Houses with 6 bed rooms ,fireplaces and a
beautiful patio overlooking. The El Rincon staff provides breakfast, lunch, cocktails and dinner, as well as
activities for young children and guests who may not be polo aficionados (just yet), such as shopping excursions, trips to nearby Lujan, fishing, and horseback riding lessons. Full laundry services, as well as massage are offered.