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New challenges

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This week we may have a chance to see how well the President is coping with the aftermath of her husband’s death. There is to consider the federal budget as well as the coming G-20 meeting in Seoul this Wednesday. The two fronts were battles may occur are plagued with dilemmas. On the one hand, Argentina as a priviledged member of the G-20s will look to push forward its stance of negotiating with the “Club the Paris” the remainder of 6,700 billions owed outside of the realm of the IMF. However, this presents in itself a contradiction given that G-20 members must abide to the rules of the organization which preclude a certain and dominant relationship to the IMF. No one understands what Argentina’s administration message will be, neither if it will make much sense. As part of the bylaws countries are subject to revisions and audits by the same organization Cristina and her cohorts are trying to play games with. And as it is public knowledge, data that relies on government figures has been thought to be fraudulent for some time.

One thing is for sure, the government will spin any possible news such as bilateral meetings with powerful countries in the best possible light trying to make it sound like other members are being responsive to Argentina’s allegations.

Meanwhile, this same Wednesday kirchneristas will try to make a successful move at the House of Representatives in order to setlle matters with the 2011 federal budget. Problem is they can hardly reach the needed number of votes. Here too, we may see the official spinning machine at work looking to blame the opposite party (parties) for getting to 2011 without a budget. It is very unlikely that we may see officials change their unyielding attitude as they have been recently emboldened by a new public opinion poll that shows that over 60% of interviewees think Cristina Kirchner will be able to continue and complete whatever changes had been initiated by her husband during his presidential tenure.

Interesting times!

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