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Tourist alert: ATMs with no cash

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As has been happening for the last few years, Argentina has been the target of visitors from Brazil. Aided by the rate of exchange -the Real being so strong-, brazilians have been traveling all over Argentina in vast numbers. Not only merchandise has been flying from shelves at grocery stores and clothings stores. There is now a new item that visitors from other countries will not be able to find. This time inside ATM machines: CASH!

Starting today, automatic teller machines will be delivering again paper money that has just arrived from Brazil. Still, the Central Bank of Argentina issued a note stating that most likely only “Banco Nacion” will be able to supply the $100 pesos notes as there is no time to distribute them to all ATMs. As days go by, the whole 100 million “100 bills” that were ordered -10 billion pesos- will be placed in the machines.

Tourists from Brazil and abroad are welcoming the relief as many had to wait long lines for cash from the few machines that had any supply left. But here is an alert to anyone coming to visit: problems may persist for at least another 2 weeks as distribution to all areas of the city is somewhat complex. And the demand for cash has been on the rise as retirees will be withdrawing their pensions in cash and supply will have to cover the extra money being paid -as bonuses- at the end of the year.

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