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La Niña

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Crops in ArgentinaThere is recent indication that weather patterns stemming from “la niña” will be affecting negatively many argentine crops, namely soybeans and corn. Drought may extend to vast areas of the country and very likely estimated records crops for 2010/2011 at 100 million tons will not be achieved. Lack of rain has made farmers delay sowing numerous crops, in particular the ones mentioned earlier as dryness is affecting mostly the center region of the country. Nevertheless, the effects will not be as severe as those of 2008/2009 crop where output was 33% less than what was estimated at the time.

It is also estimated that most of Cuyo, the southern part of Cordoba and the west of Buenos Aires province will not be receiving rain for some time, as opposed to the NOA region, southeast of Buenos Aires and Chaco as well as north mesopotamia. These weather patterns are expected to stay in place till March and while yield would be reduced, farmers and agents might find compensation in the already higher grains prices which are in turn pricing potential argentine bad crops.

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