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Double check flight schedules

Domestic flights airport Jorge Newbery is undergoing some renovations. As a result many arrivals and departures have been transfered to Ezeiza international and now air traffic became jammed at EZE. Aerolineas best solution has been to reduce in average 20 flights per day creating havoc in many customer’s schedules. Needless to say, Ezeiza is in chaos and AA 40% reduction in flights is looking to ameliorate the situation. 

As locals would put it “sobre llovido, mojado” meaning that unions moved swiftly in to take advantage of the situation  and put pressure on management, increasing their demands. Never a better time for a strike! The involvement of unions is inopportune as it politicizes the situation giving a chance to the government to come up with grandiose plans to reign in on the chaos.

As such, Juan Pablo Schiavi announced the creation of a “crisis committee” comprised of members of the Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil (ANAC), la Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria, Aeropuertos 2000, Aerolíneas Argentinas y el Organo Regulador del Sistema Nacional de Aeropuertos (ORSNA).

 What a mess and what a waste!

If you happen to be a visitor these days, urgently contact your travel agent and keep your ears to the ground.

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